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Dec 19, 2007 10:25 AM

Yah Mon Tasty Jerk Chicken - Dallas (Oak Cliff)

Has anyone tried this place? I tried a Google seach for it and it looks like it is in a residential neighborhood, again then so is Don Panza. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried it and how it might compare with Elaine's Kitchen.

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  1. The yardbird is decent, but they char-grill it. I think it would be better if they had a way to actually cook it over a wood fire -- maybe they dweet in warmer weather outside? Dunno. The place is VERY small, so everyting's to go. The owner and his wife are worth the visit alone -- both from JA. Chat 'bout music with them and you'll lose track of time. I want to go back there again soon -- it was a blast! (and tasty, too!) Bless up.. Yah mon... cool, seen?

    1. I live in Oak Cliff, and unfortunately, Yah Mon has been closed for quite awhile now. I don't know of anywhere else to get Carribean Jerk. Anyone?

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        Elaine's Kitchen on MLK Blvd. Just whacking good jerk. And the brown down oxtails are a contender.

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          Carribean Pan - Dallas (Webb Chapel & Forest)
          Carribean Grill - Dallas (Webb Chapel & Forest)
          Elaine's Kitchen - Dallas (MLK Blvd and Hwy 175 - next to the old Forest Theater)
          A Taste of the Islands - Plano (Spring Creek & Alma)
          Carribean Eats - Garland (Centerville btwn Miller & Broadway)
          Texas Carribean Foods - Dallas (close to South Side on Lamar)

          These are all the places that would probably all sell Jerk Chicken. I really like the version at Elaine's and Carribean Pan. DiRotiman said A Taste of the Islands is real good, owned by a woman from Guyana (so pretty close to the cuisine of Trinidad).