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Aug 28, 2000 12:11 AM

a week of eating

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ok, here's where I ate this week. there's a lot here, be forewarned.

bar marmont - my vote for the best cheeseburger and fries in LA

les deux cafes - ok food but stunning ambiance, great date place

ammo - sunday brunch. pleasant place, but not standout. good for something light.

mimosa - pleasant french bistro, i'd go back. free dessert wine is a nice touch.

soot bull jeep - jonathan gold's favorite korean bbq in a town with more korean bbq's per capita than anywhere else on earth. the real mesquite grills are impressive, and kind of dangerous. this is a great place, better for lunch when it's less crowded

buffalo club - pleasant patio, not quite as nice as les deux cafe, but even more of a scene. many, many beautiful people. i found the prices outlandishly high for food that was pretty mediocre

jozu - california/japanoise some parts of the meal really stood out (great vegetable spring rolls, excellent plum tart) others were disappointing (pork tenderloin). a very relaxing place though.

that's about enough for one week, wouldn't you say?

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  1. "that's about enough for one week, wouldn't you say?"

    About average for this crowd, I'll bet!

    You gonna check out Charles' new discovery this week?


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      I'm with you Jim, but it's a fun exercise. I can't figure from seven days ago so:

      I'm eating delivery from Cafe Pranzo right now. They do a good pizza crust. Irritants: 'pink sauce', same 'specials' every night and another redundancy, they require a physical card-- even though they've taken all the information over the phone.

      Last night was Katsu. Used to be a regular but haven't been in months. My favorite chef has changed spots (from far left on the side perpendicular to the door, to the left of the side parallel). The uni was so good we ordered three. (Why does sushi come in pairs in LA, like it does in Urbana or Columbia, rather than alone, as it does in NY??). Excellent hamachi. The rice was not exactly comme il faut, water or temperature.

      Saturday was dim sum at Empress Pavilion. First time in LA-- I'm embarassed to admit, and
      I was impressed by the food and also the astonishing cleanliness of the place (and that with a B rating!). Very good shrimp noodle, which is one of my favorites. I was told, though, that the dimsum at ABC was as good and the variety better, if I don't want to head out to Monterey Park. Which I do of course, but can't so often.

      Saturday night we got astroburgers (yuk) and watched videos. I really need help on the burger front. Was interested in Dylan's Bar Marmont rec. Swingers should be good but isn't. Have you tried Red's? Ammo's?....

      .which was Friday night. Suddenly crowded. I love it, but I've loved it so often I wish they'd revise the menu. Soups are fine. Chinois fine, actually. Turkey meatloaf should come off. Permanently.

      Thursday Ita-cho. At least once a week. Which can turn even the sublime into the reliable. And everyone should be so fortunate.

      Wednesday was Zen Grill, and a long time ago.

      Not a very exciting week all told, but typical for me. I'd be interested in others' daily life, too.