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Dec 19, 2007 10:02 AM

Lunch on Friday, what's open?

Hey chowhounders, I am taking Friday off (I work in education and it's the last day before winter break and the kids are crazy!) and going into Philadelphia with my wife for a nice day around town. I rarely do such a thing so I don't know who is open for lunch. I don't wanna break the bank so places like Le Bec Fin, Striped Bass, Fountain, etc. are out (besides they're too formal for how we'll be dressed). So whatcha' think? I'm open to any area and any cusine. Am I right in assuming that probably all of Chinatown serves lunch? Besides there, how about some nice, cozy, little places where we can get a good meal? Thanks for all suggestions.

Also (and I have to phrase this correctly to pass the moderator), are there any festive, holiday things to do whilst in the city...where we could also get an after lunch bite to eat? Thanks again.

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  1. You could do a little xmas shopping at Boyd's and eat at their restaurant. It's an offshoot of Brasserie Perrier, I think. I found the food very enjoyable and you won't have to worry about parking since they have free valet parking across the street.

    Also, the cafe in the Macy's is prime space during this time for the kitschy organ and light show that occurs every hour (or half hour).

    1. While you don't want something fancy and pricey... I think lunch is a great time to try a place that you might think too expensive for dinner. Many restaurants are open for lunch during the week and not for lunch on the weekends. Here are my favorites for that situation: Amada, Osteria, Matyson, and Caribou Cafe. And, you can definitely get away with casual dress.

      If you really want somthing cheaper, and enjoy middle eastern, I like the Sahara Grill on the 1300 block of Walnut (which has the bonus of being near Macy's and the Walnut Street shops on the other side of Broad).

      1. Tinto and Amada both have great lunch deals. The menus are more limited than at dinner, but the food is delicious and the atmosphere really nice. I once had a fantastic lunch at Morimoto as well. If you want to go the BYO route, Matyson is excellent for lunch (though I haven't been there since the new chef took over).

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          All great ideas! I totally agree that lunch is a way to eat at a restaurant that would normally be too pricey for dinner. Amada and Tinto (been to both and love) are great ideas, as are Osteria and Caribou, both of which I haven't been to. Whilst I love BYOB's, I'm actually gonna forgo it this time to avoid either carrying something around or tracking down a wine store. Was thinking of the light show, though it will always be the "Wannamakers" light show to me. Thanks, keep 'em comin'!