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Dec 19, 2007 09:39 AM

Challeh for a Bris(Manhattan)

I will be hosting the bris for my new grandson next Wednesday. Can anyone suggest where I can get a challeh in Manhattan for a Wednesday bris? I am sure there are many places which have challeh for shabbos, but what about getting a challeh for Wednesday(the day after Christmas)?

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  1. some bakeries should be able to do it especially if you special order. Kosher bakeries are not closed on Xmas. You could conact Chiffons in Bklyn and see if they will deliver it to you.

    1. try The Bagel Basket 618 Amsterdam Avenue (at 90th street) New York, NY 10024 (212) 721-1800

      or Gideon's/Gruenebaum's Bakery
      (212) 927-9262
      810 W 187th St,
      New York, NY 10033

      Both should be able to accomodate you (and possibly deliver) with minimal advance notice

      Mazal Tov!

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      1. re: bigredesq

        From experience, Gideon's is open on Christmas, and certainly the day after.

      2. Gertels Bake Shop
        53 Hester Street
        New York, NY 10002
        Phone: (212) 982-3250

        Located in the Lower East Side, this bake shop caters for people looking to buy traditional kosher baked goods. It happens to be Kosher (Hassidic Supervision) and they do bake on special order what’s called a S’eudah Challah, which is a big Challah used traditionally at the meal following the Bris. They bake for special order.

        I tried to look up a web site for them, but could not find. Sorry.

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        1. re: Kosher Travel

          Gertels has a line they sell to outside stores - Delancey Desserts. Their website is