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Aug 27, 2000 01:13 PM

Seafood Paradise in Westminster -- what is LA equivalent?!

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A pal and I went down to Orange Co. to see Pedro Martinez pitch a couple weeks ago in Anaheim and decided to have a pre-game meal in nearby Westminster at SEAFOOD PARADISE. Folks, hands down the best Chinese meal I've had at a restaurant other than Luk Yue. This was HK-style, but definitely infused with a Vietnamese flair (particularly the "house" squid) -- I'm referring to it as "ethnically Chinese Vietnamese" or "Vietnamese-inspired Chinese" although neither of these combinations is truly culinarily/culturally accurate. Here's my question: I'd like to find the "Seafood Paradise" of LA/S.G. Valley. I've been less than happy with the standard HKs in Chinatown (Yang Chow/Ocean Seafood on Hill). I like Harbor Village in MP, but haven't had that sort of nirvana/euphoria/bang-on-the-table-rapture I experienced in Westminster over braised shrimp. Help me out here.

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  1. While Seafood Paradise is good, there are a dozen or more seafood places in the San Gabriel Valley which I consider to be as good or better (though I don't know if they match up as to what you're looking for). These would include NBC Seafood, Ocean Star, Harbor Palace, NYC Seafood and Aberdeen Seafood in Monterey Park, NYC-Jumbo Seafood, Jade Ocean and MPV Seafood in Alhambra, 888 Seafood, Goldworld Seafood and Sam Woo Seafood in San Gabriel and Seaworld Seafood in Rosemead. At one time, Seafood Paradise was affiliated with several other restaurants, Seafood Cove in Garden Grove, Seafood House in Artesia and Seafood Town and Seafood Port in Torrance. I don't know if these restaurants are still commonly owned