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Osteria Mozza Tonight- Suggestions? Ideas?

Allright I looked through the board, and I did not see any specifics nor pics discussing what to get at Osteria Mozza. Most of the information came during the opening, and I want to know who has been there recently. If so, recommendations?

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  1. Hope you have a reservation!

    All reports seem to indicate the mozzarella or "Nancy" bar is the best thing to do. Sit there, and peruse the offerings. I don't think you can reserve the Nancy Bar, but people with reservations have first crack at any open seats, I believe.

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      Yes, reservation is at 8:15pm..... I am holding my breath if i get seated at that time due to the ugly reports about waiting. Full report in the next few days....

      1. re: Schweinhaxen

        i think they have worked out the reservation kinks. my first visit a couple months ago ended with me waiting nearly an hr past my reservation for a table.

        however, i was seated within 5mins of my reservation during my 2nd trip back a couple weeks ago.

    2. Grilled octopus
      fresh ricotta and egg raviolo
      oriecchette with sausage
      guinea fowl

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      1. grilled octopus
        burrata w/ bacon
        burricotti w/ braised artichokes
        orecchiette w/ swiss chard & sausage
        gnocchi w/ wild boar ragu
        guinea fowl

        1. Definitely, definitely, definitely get Nancy's caprese.

          1. The guinea fowl is my favorite. It's essentially an update on a chicken-liver crostini, with a braised bird dallopped on top. A great dish.

            Nancy Bar, if you have the option. It's fun to feel like you're in the middle of the action.

            1. I also have to say the grilled octopus and the ricotta and egg ravioli. I thought the olive oil/rosemary play on dessert was interesting too.

              1. Also have to chime in on the grilled octopus. My other favorite is the tripe. I enjoyed the oxtail tagliatelle but found the monkfish fra diavolo not particularly memorable.

                I was there early last Saturday, and would note that even through only a fraction of the tables were occupied before 7:30, the Mozzarella Bar was nearly full the entire time.

                1. highly recommend the roasted pork arista and linguine with clams, besides the other items already mentioned

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                    I LOVE the beef tagliata
                    also dont miss the bombolini for dessert. Theyre like little soft round doughnuts

                    oh if u like belgian beer, try the St. Bernardus Prior 8, its excellent!

                  2. Appetizer - Grilled Octopus
                    Mozzarella Bar - Ricotta, Spiced Walnuts, Drizzled with Honey
                    Primi - Wild Boar Gnocchi and Orrechete
                    Secondi - Beef Tagliata!
                    Dessert - Nocello-soaked Raisins with Almond Ice Cream and Donuts