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Dec 19, 2007 09:15 AM

New Years Eve

Any Chow hounds out there have suggestions for a nice place for a New Years Eve dinner, preferably one where the place doesn't force a special menu on you. Looking for something romantic and in Baltimore but would go to DC for the right experience.


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  1. OnTap Magazine has a huge list, about 140 entries, of NYE dinners, events, etc. All DC and suburbs though, not Baltimore, but tons of great options in this area.

    1. Two years ago we enjoyed New Years Eve dinner at the Carlyle Club in Baltimore. It is located on University Parkway, not far from JHU Homewood campus. The menu features middle eastern dishes and the service is passable. The surroundings are well decorated and there is a cozy fireplace for that romantic touch. I doubt they will do a special menu, as they had not in the past. Their food is fantastic. One note- it's not on the menu, but I always special request their spicy tuna (comes in both entree and appetizer sizes) which is a kicked-up version of tuna tartare. Good luck!