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Dec 19, 2007 09:05 AM

last minute dinner for tonight-please help

My dad(61 but very very young at heart) has a date tonight but every place he calls is booked. He is looking to spend $100-$150 on dinner and drinks, probably one or two each. He works in the 20's off broadway. He is willing to travel a little bit but not too far. Looking for American but can be flexible on cuisune. Any recs? Thanks.

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  1. has good restaurants by there... And that way you can see which reservations are available.

      1. awww...

        lots of options depending on if he's talking on the early side 6:30-7:30...

        Bar Stuzzichini
        craft bar
        les halles

        lots of options...i say craft bar.

        1. he decided to change his area of town to make it easier. i gave him all the same things you mentioned. not sure if he tried them. i appreciate the help.

          1. What about the lovely tapas at Alta on West 10th? That's always struck me as a great date place. Dark, candlelit.