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Dec 19, 2007 08:50 AM

Herring - Where to Buy in NY Metro Area?

Unfortunately, finding a kosher appetizing store outside of Brooklyn has become as difficult as finding...well, you get the idea.

Where can one find find fresh herring--schmaltz, matjes, pickled? The pre-packaged stuff just doesn't cut it. TIA.

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  1. Ossie's in Boro Park.....worth the shlep. If you're ordering enough, they do deliver to Manhattan.

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    1. re: rdchowhound

      I have to second Ossie's. The other suggestions are pretty good, but nothing touches Ossie's.

    2. Acme. They have their stuff in supermarkets (Fairway, for instance), but they sell fresh out of their Brooklyn factory. Great stuff. Otherwise I recommend Schwartz's on 16th Avenue in Borough Park. The Lower East Side Pickle Guys carry Schwartz's stuff.

      1. it's easiest if u do your own. just find a pickling recipe. vinegar-water-cloves-salt-black pepper corns - onions-pickling spices (comes already done.) add creme fresh, or sour cream for creamed herring. white wine, or white wine vinegar .

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          sorry, i forgot to mention. you can go to the kosher pickle guy, buy some sour pickles, ask for extra
          brine & drop your herrings in after you finish the pickles.

        2. People speak highly of the matjes herring at Ma'adan in Teaneck.

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            I don't know if you would eat here, but the matjes at Barney Greengrass on the Upper West Side really blows the Schwartz's/Flaums/Rubins stuff away. Not to say the packaged stuff doesn't have their place in my heart, especially on a cracker with onions and a shot of booze at 10:00am Saturday morning; but the Barney stuff will open your eyes and taste buds.

          2. Melt in your mouth, butter soft matjes herring found at Fairway (Plainview, L.I.) probably also at Fairway 74th and Broadway Manhattan

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              Now all of you need to find a way to send it to Chicago!