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Dec 19, 2007 08:36 AM

Non-celebrants, where do you like to eat on 12/25?

Last year my sister and I went to Chinatown. It was pouring rain and impossible to get a table, and we ended up at Joe's Ginger. It was so-so. This year we are considering The Cottage in Irving Place. Where do you like to go?

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  1. Do you mean it was difficult to get a table at Joe's Ginger or that all the places looked packed? What time did you go?

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    1. re: erica

      Joe's Ginger was the only place where we didn't have to wait an hour for a table. I can't remember the exact time, but it was probably around 7 or 8 p.m. There were lines out the door (and in the rain!) at all the other restaurants.

    2. taking the jewish girlfriend back to joe's shanghai in c-town

      1. Good choice. Chinese food on Christmas is a longstanding Jewish tradition.

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        1. re: Rmis32

          i least not for me.

          ive gone to brick lane curry in the past...i used to go to second ave deli before they moved...i may go this year.

          the old standby is veselka though...its close to a bunch of theatres and the food is always solid for what it is.

        2. I attempted a Chinatown visit a bit earlier in the afternoon (3:00) and, like you, found every place packed to capacity. This year I was thinking of trying Chinatown in Brooklyn (Sunset Park). I've been searching for a potential destination on this very website.

          1. Last year Pig Heaven on the UES, it was packed but fun. This year may join the droves at 2nd Ave Deli.

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              a friend and i went to joe's shanghai last year for our jewish christmas dinner! we got there around 6:30pm and only had to wait 15 minutes or so...and despite the rain, our dinner was SO worth it. two words: soup...dumplings...