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Dec 19, 2007 08:29 AM

Lunch Suggestion: ID

I know I've seen tons of great ideas for fast/under $10 lunch places in the ID, but cant seem to find any today. I'm probably more in the mood for Japanese or Korean than Chinese.

Any recommendations?

Not a chow topic- but if you know of a place with cheap tokoname style teapots i'd also be interested.

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  1. Made in Kitchen (8th and Lane)-- kalbi etc
    Samurai Noodle, Fu Lin (ramen, gyoza, chicken or pork katsu)
    Taste of Asia (in the Century square food ct, Pike and 3rd)

    1. Fort St. George (corner of 6th and King) has decent Japanese diner food. Good katsu-curry, Om-rice, and Japanese style pastas. I can't think of any Korean spots in the ID, we really need a few. You can always grab a bento from the Deli section at Uwajimaya, but go early to get the best selection.