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Restaurants similar to Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Is there anything else like this in the Tri State Region?
(Fresh, locally prepared food)


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  1. Not sure it could be considered similar to Blue Hill,but Relish in Sparkill (Rockland County) uses a lot of locally sourced foods.


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      That's exactly the type of place that I'm looking for. And then I also found Harvest on the Hudson, but don't know if that's any good (read mixed reviews.)

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        It's funny this topic came up. We were looking for a place for a family dinner on Dec 26th. Blue Hill was our first choice but they are closed the week between Christmas and New Years. So instead we are going to try Harvest on the Hudson. I'll let you know how it is. I figure at least we'll get a nice view.

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          i've been to both & there is NO comparison - Blue Hill at Stone Barns wins everytime. That does not mean you will not get a good meal & beautiful view at Harvest on Hudson. We enjoyed ourselves at both, but the food was better at Blue Hill and the grounds are beautiful there. However, the view of the Hudson at Harvest on the Hudson is FABULOUS. Ask for a seat near the windows! enjoy!

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            I did just find this link. http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/feat....

            Harvest on the Hudson looks great for sure, but not the same. What about Valley at the Garrison?

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              I just called the Valley the other day and they are closed until March. As far as Harvest on Hudson goes it's somewhat inconsistent but like meb said there are good meals to be had at Harvest. It's really beautiful in the warmer months when you can sit outside and enjoy their vegtable garden. I believe Monteverde has been making a comeback from what I've been hearing, it's a beautiful place with beautiful views so I hope that's true. In addition I believe the Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco....http://www.pigcafe.com/ , Equus in Tarrytown....http://www.castleonthehudson.com/ and Meritage in Scarsdale....http://www.meritagerestaurant.net/ , and up in Putnam County the Bird and Bottle still uses locally grown produce (not sure about this one, it use to)).....http://thebirdandbottleinn.com/

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              Our plans have actually changed again so I'll have to try Harvest on the Hudson another time.

      2. How about Monteverde? It has an inn and spa instead of a farm, but it does focus on locally produced food. I haven't been but it sounds intriguing.

        1. Actually The Ryland Inn in Whitehouse NJ has a committment to local, fresh seasonal food. Much of the produce they use is grown on site in their 3 acre organic garden. It's not quite as posh as Blue Hill, but the food is wonderful and the atmosphere is refined.

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            The Ryland Inn has been closed since Feb. Expected to reopen in Spring 08. We hope.

          2. The Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco uses mostly local and organic food, much from Cabbage Hill Farm. I see the restaurant's Web site is down now, but it is normally at http://www.pigcafe.com/ The have a small but interesting menu -- I've only eaten there once but enjoyed it thoroughly. There's a nice outdoor eating area in warmer weather, too.

            Flying Pig At Lexington
            251 Lexington Ave Mt, Kisco, NY

            1. I've been to Bird & Bottle in Garrison, NY. It is under new management and is phenomenal! Best food I've had in a restaurant in many years. Also beautiful decor and ambiance. Well worth the trip form anywhere!

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              1. I'd suggest the Iron Forge Inn in Bellvale, NY. www.ironforgeinn.com

                It's right next door to a farm (the dairy farm where their ice cream comes from).

                1. Included in the "Tri-State Area", yet way at the opposite end from most of the previosuly mentioned places, is Jedediah's at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn in South Jamesport on the North Fork of the Island. I haven't been since they opened (just couldn't get out there), but we loved the meal and everything about the place. I thought of them when reading your post. Looking at their menu online, I see items from Catapano Dairy and produce from Sang Lee Farms, both on the Fork, as well as east end seafood. So, I imagine they fit the bill when looking for locally grown and prepared dishes.

                  1. In the upper Hudson Valley, The Basement Bistro has been in operation 18 years & will exceed Blue Hill in every area. You could actually say that Blue Hill is modeled after the Basement Bistro on a much larger scale. The Chef/owner works alone (Cooks & serves) & makes his own Charcuterie & Cheeses as well as growing nearly everything that is served at the restaurant. A 9-12 course Tasting menu is the only menu that is offered. I believe Organic meats are grown for him at a nearby farm. If you're a food lover, this place is an absolute must try! Reservations are very tough to get so plan well ahead. We were able to see some of the grounds & gardens over the summer & were blown away by the entire experience all 4 of the times we've gone. Blue Hill on the other hand is a great idea but always falls short of our expectations. The entire Blue Hill experience, especially the food, has never wowed us. The Basement Bistro on the other hand, has amazed us each & every time. (At about 1/2 the price!)

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                      that place sounds great. Where is it located? Do you have any contact info?

                      1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                        it's in earlton, google for sagecrest catering, i believe?

                        i'm jealous of those who have been; we'd been trying to get reservations for a while, no luck...so we're trying again in the spring.

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                          The Basement Bistro is in Earlton, NY Greene County. Above Catskill just west of Coxsackie. We just tried to make a reso for early Feb. & they are already booked w/ waiting list! This place is a must try so don't be discouraged if you can't nail down a reservation right away. It will be totally worth the wait & effort. I'll post contact info when I find their bus. card. (At my home)

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                            wow, it sounds amazing. I hope I get a chance to try it. Thanks for letting me know.

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                              Here's the contact info from their business card. Website- www.sagecrestcatering.com. Phone 518-634-2338(not for reservations)
                              Reservation Line- 518-269-1009. Reservations can be made by telephone only, not by email. Good Luck!