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Restaurants in the Boroughs like Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Is there anything like this in all of Queens and Brooklyn and the Bronx?

(Fresh, locally prepared food)


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  1. I think there are probably several, but Applewood is the first that comes to mind.

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      not exactly the same but yeah, applewood fits the bill considering their relationships with farms. its also one of my favorite restaurants in the city period.

      i havent been but ici in ft greene touts its farm ingredients. i think so does farm on adderley but i havent been in a year.

    2. I would put chestnut on smith st in brooklyn in this category. check out the article about the chef in the most recent edible brooklyn issue. http://www.ediblebrooklyn.net/pages/a...

      1. I would certainly add Rosewater in Park Slope.

        1. Chestnut is one of my absolute faves. Maybe Flatbush Farm also?

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            Flatbush Farms is awful - Its the Farm on Adderley (sp?) you should check out.

          2. In Brooklyn, the top folks in this vein are definitely Applewood and Chestnut, in my opinion. Applewood is the more vocal about it & probably is the only place that I'd go if sticking to the question asked. However, Daniel (at Chestnut) probably takes it as seriously in his approach to sourcing and preparing his food, but stays low keyed about it. It's amazing that no one has yet added Grocery, which I am not fond of but clearly belongs in the category. I'd also add in Franny's, although it's clearly not exactly what you're asking. And Rosewater is just too uneven and inconsistant for me to know what to expect when dining there... so I dont go.

            1. All of those mentioned above are those that come to mind for me as well. Maybe I'd add in The Farm at Adderly? But I may be mis-remembering.

              Of those mentioned, applewood certainly does the most to highlight their connection to local food and sustainable practices. If she has time, Laura will happily engage you in a debate on some of the issues -- just be ready because she'll win. ;)

              They also have regular "Meet the Farmer" dinners where one can eat a prix fixe, multi-course tasting menu meal with one of their supplying farmers. That farmer will be at the dinner and will discuss their trade and craft and passion for their work. Sign up on their mailing list and make sure to attend the next one!

              1. Well I agree maybe 30% with the rest of you. The only restaurant that might come close is Applewood, due to the variety of dishes and the electic wine and drink list.

                Chesnut hardly comes close. I ate here last night and the chicken dish with stuffing looked like something that came from a stovetop box. The gnocchi was good.

                Rosewater is a great place, but it is very small from what I can remember. Best bet..head back to Blue Hill at Stone Barns or better yet go to Blue Hill on Washington Place, the sister restaurant

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                  why does anyone offer up comments about places that they haven't been to since whenever? hated rosewater four months ago, went there last week to check out their new chef, clearly now worth a visit. Does this site provide up to date info or just folks talking about a meal they had two years ago?

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                    I just re-read the entire thread, since I basically agree with your point. However, I called Rosewater "uneven and inconsistant" which, given your post about the latest change (of many) in the kitchen seems consistant with your comments about 4 months ago and now. The only other Rosewater mentions by posters were that its too small, something that really hasnt changed over time & another post recommending it. So... where's the complaint again?

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                      applewood is the best bet, but you might want to check out Grocery on smith and the Farm on Flatbush is also close.

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                        I think the Farm on Flatbush has hit the wall. Applewood is always great - I have never had a bad meal at Chestnut and strangely I have never tried Rosewater but after this thread I believe we will.

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                        Rosewater has had three chefs in eight years, hardly a "change (of many) in the kitchen." The restaurant has also evolved with each chef and in my opinion gotten better. I've never found Roswater to be inconsistant, if anything they are willing to take chances and the menu is much more creative then Applewood or Chestnut. Also, no one in Brooklyn is as commited to sourcing ingredients from small farms as they are.

                        Another good spot is Ici in Fort Greene.

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                        In response to your question, I'll offer up that I was last at Applewood just 24 days ago and I found it as excellent as it has been since it opened. ;)

                    2. Applewood, as most other posters have said. Chestnut is too inconsistent the last year or so, to be highly recommended. Used to be a favorite :(

                      1. I had a really delicious dinner at Lunetta on Smith St a few weeks ago that consisted of locally grown brussels sprouts and meat from local producers (flying pigs). Not everything on the menu was local/seasonal, but it looked like they were making an effort to move in that direction.

                        I hadn't been there in a while, so I don't know if this is typical for them, but the ingredients really shined and made for a great meal. Has anyone else noticed this?

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                          i think that Good Fork in Red Hook doesn't get as much press as the other brooklyn hotspots, but they also fit the local/seasonal resturant concept. they are one of the few places that i know who buys from Added Value, a small red hook farm that also a community type garden. many of the residents from the public housing complex in the area participate in the project. i like Good Fork, but i also feel that the menu doesn't change enough.

                        2. For sure Ici in Ft Greene - we've had a great meals there, and they are all about the local organic gorgeous food. In the summer they get greens from Added-Value in Red Hook!
                          Ici was also profiled in Edible Brooklyn - I don't recall the issue. I just remember you could see the eggs from Tellos stacked up in the background.
                          They serve breakfast lunch and dinner, which is nice.

                          And The Farm on Adderly and Applewood.
                          A friend just had a great game tasting plate at Rosewood, but my own experience has been uneven there as well so I haven't been for a few years. It might be time to give Rosewood another shot...especially if you want well-handled venison.

                          1. While Franny's menu is not exactly similar to Blue Hill, they do use all locally grown, sustainable ingredients. I know there are some haters out there, but this is the only restaurant in S. Brooklyn that is consistently good. Everything I try there is fantastic. Yes, the wines by the glass are overpriced.

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                              Has anyone been to James? I wonder if they focus on seasonality like Sorrel did (or did initially when they opened.)