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Dec 19, 2007 08:19 AM

Restaurants in the Boroughs like Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Is there anything like this in all of Queens and Brooklyn and the Bronx?

(Fresh, locally prepared food)


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  1. I think there are probably several, but Applewood is the first that comes to mind.

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    1. re: LJW

      not exactly the same but yeah, applewood fits the bill considering their relationships with farms. its also one of my favorite restaurants in the city period.

      i havent been but ici in ft greene touts its farm ingredients. i think so does farm on adderley but i havent been in a year.

    2. I would put chestnut on smith st in brooklyn in this category. check out the article about the chef in the most recent edible brooklyn issue.

      1. I would certainly add Rosewater in Park Slope.

        1. Chestnut is one of my absolute faves. Maybe Flatbush Farm also?

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          1. re: Sarah McColl

            Flatbush Farms is awful - Its the Farm on Adderley (sp?) you should check out.

          2. In Brooklyn, the top folks in this vein are definitely Applewood and Chestnut, in my opinion. Applewood is the more vocal about it & probably is the only place that I'd go if sticking to the question asked. However, Daniel (at Chestnut) probably takes it as seriously in his approach to sourcing and preparing his food, but stays low keyed about it. It's amazing that no one has yet added Grocery, which I am not fond of but clearly belongs in the category. I'd also add in Franny's, although it's clearly not exactly what you're asking. And Rosewater is just too uneven and inconsistant for me to know what to expect when dining there... so I dont go.