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Dec 19, 2007 08:18 AM

Anyone been to Cochon? How is it?

Hi all!

Long time lurker, first time poster. ;)

I'm thinking of taking my fiance' to Cochon as a late birthday gift next week. We're going to be in Nola for the holidays visiting family. I've read reviews, seen the Andrew Zimmern thing and heard about Cochon for awhile. The real question is..Is it worth it? How is the food? What did you think?

Any advice appreciated! If it's going to be a pain in the butt, I think we'll just stick with our usual haunts.



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  1. It is easy to find; on Tchopitoulas, not far from the convention center, in the warehouse district, and it is easy to like, if you appreciate the pig in all its splendor. Wood-grilled fish is nice, ham hocks n greens very good. Ask for extra pickles; damn, those are good pickles. It's open for lunch, so if you want to check it out with less investment, it is possible.

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      Oh of the pig for sure! I went ahead and made a reservation for next Wed. night. I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the heads up on the pickles!

    2. Cochon is wonderful. Their wood-fired oysters are a must as well as the boucherie plate. The cochon de lait is also very good. Very good atmosphere with cool hip music. You'll be wowed by pretty much any dish there.

      1. IMHO, Cochon is greatly overrated. T he best offerings are the appetizers which would make a very good lunch. As for dinner, you would fare better at the chef''s other venue, Herbsaint. Nicer ambiance and much more condusive to a lovely evening with your fiance. The food at Herbsaint sublime. The short rib appetizer and the pork belly are outstanding. Gumbo and shrimp and grits are also very good as are the lamb and the ribeye/frites. If they have the salad with goat cheese beignets, forget the salad and order a plate of beignets (they are that good).

        1. The food is very good, as is the service. I loved the "down-home" aspect of the menu, and would return in a heartbeat. The pricing is fair and the wine list, while not extensive is very interesting and well-suited for the fare at realistic prices.

          Now, the only possible down-side is the ambiance. Cochon is about "casual" atmosphere. This might well be seen as a plus by some, though a bit of a let-down, for a special occasion, by others. For me, the food more than made up for this aspect. It is very comfortable, though, and I stress, it is casual. This is not meant to be seen as a negative, just an observation.

          If one likes the menu, great food, excellent service, and they are not looking for a formal setting, I'd highly recommend it. Plus, it's just fun!


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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I think we will be comfortable with something more casual for this outing, so it should work out well! I'm saving Herbsaint for a dinner prior to our nuptials in Nola in June, and we have way too many formal dinners coming up, so I think this will be just fine! Thanks for all the advice and recommendations!

          2. Great idea. Soso execution.
            Just thinking about the Andrew Zimmerman segment makes me laugh out loud:
            They don't show Brett Anderson's face (our food critic), but they let you hear his Kooky laugh. It always reminds me of how the NY restaurants had the picture of the Times food critic, well here there is an audio recording in the servers station that has a sign "if you hear this laugh please let the kitchen know, thanks."

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              My sis and I went there about a couple weekends ago and had a FABULOUS meal. The prices didn't really faze me one bit... I live in downtown Chicago, lol... we started off with the chicken liver appetizer which was pretty good, only complaint, not a huge caraway fan and the toasts are loaded w/ them... sis had the Catfish Courtbouillion which was fabulous, but I think you have to like that sort of thing to really enjoy the dish... and I had the oven roasted redfish which was incredible. Probably the best piece of fish I've had in a while and the absolute best piece I had during the trip. We shared the broccoli, pecan and rice side dish, it was very rich and just the right amount, in fact, we didn't quite finish it. We both had iced tea to drink and our bill w/ tip was around $70.00.

              It was easy to find and the service was great...nice and casual, servers attentive and friendly...