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Dec 19, 2007 08:16 AM

Late night Rockville/Silver Spring?

We just recently moved to the Rockville/Silver Spring area and are at a loss for late night dining options. Frequently, after a movie or show, we'll think, "let's get a bite to eat." But where can we go after 10 p.m.? The only places I know of that are open late are the Silver and Broadway diners and Ambrosia. But sometimes you want a big bowl of Chinese noodle soup, or a cocktail and some tapas, or a nice dessert. What's open around here after 10 p.m.?

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  1. Hollywood East (in Wheaton) open until 1 AM.

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    1. re: Mister Big

      I have been at the Hollywood East on the Boulevard at 1:30 am on a Friday night and it was quite lively. I believe that Paul Kee on Georgia Avenue a block or so from University Blvd is also open quite late, although I prefer Hollywood.

    2. Ceviche in downtown Silver Spring is open till 11 on the weekends and is a cocktail and some appetizers kind of place. Yeah, not late night exactly, but it would work for a movie in the neighborhood at least.