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Willie Mae's Scotch House

My parents were in town for a week last week, and wanted to stay a night in the quarter and go on some walking tours. We live on the northshore, so they were venturing alone, and I gave them some recommendations for a lunch and a dinner. They would not be called foodies, and my mom grew up on a farm and loves down home cooking, so I though they would really enjoy WMSH. My dad was not keen on the idea, because he thought he should eat in the quarter so he would not have to drive or take a cab anywhere. I reluctantly convinced him to try somewhere else as the food in the quarter can be hit and miss and often very overpriced. My mom was excited to try WMSH as she is often in search of the best fried chicken. Well, they cabbed it over there and much to their surprise when they arrived, they found the Travel Channel there filming a show. Evidently the travel channel has a "Paradise" series where they go in search of particular food finds. This week's was hamburgers, but in February they will have one on fried chicken, and WMSH will be prominently displayed. Both of my parents got interviewed, so it was super exciting for them. My dad will always now trust my recommendations. By the way, my mom did say it was the BEST she has ever had. Does anyone have their recipe or technique?

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  1. Thanks for the report and the H/U on the Travel Channel piece. You saved the best for last - the comments on the fried chicken. Since MIL is a fried chicken fiend (and a NOLA expatriate), we'll take her to WMSH on our next visit.


    1. Just wanted to let you know that this piece aired this Wednesday and will be shown again on the Travel Channel under the title "Deep Fried Paradise."

      1. I found a really nice You Tube piece about Willie Mae:

        1. This was on the Travel Channel last night as part of a show called "Fried Paradise". Carrie (Willie Mae's Granddaughter?) said from the top that she would NOT give out the recipe. It was a fine segment.

          1. The Travel Channel is running "Deep Fried Paradise" tonight at 8:00 Central.

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                My local (Central) listings from TVGuide.com state that "Donut Paradise" is on at 7:00 and "Deep Fried Paradise" is on at 8:00.

            1. The fried chicken is some of the best I have ever had but, make sure you have time to wait for it. We dined there today and arrived at 12:20 or so, it was almost 2pm before we actually received our meals. Willie Mae's hours are 11am to 3pm.Only one waitress and tables do not turnover so when you get there be prepared to wait.

              1. We visited New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival and took both sets of parents with us. After reading this site we all wanted to try WMSH. We followed the advice from here and arrived on a Monday at 11:15 am. There was one table for 6 left. We took the seat and proceeded to wait. Our entire group of Southern Adults loved the food and the sweet ice tea and the bread pudding for dessert was a hugh hit. Yes, we did wait, yes the servers sometimes seemed not thrilled with our presence, but the food was incredible and we will be visiting again. I am so glad we took the taxi out of the quarter and put aside a couple of hours for this meal. It was incredible and our entire group wants to visit again!

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                  I saw the Travel Channel piece on Willie Mae's and to be quite honest, while the food looks great, it doesn't seem worth all the hassle (i.e. the drive, the service, the wait, and the limited hours). I'm coming to NOLA in a few weeks and wanted to try it but all of these issues keep me from doing so. I had the same issue with trying Pizzeria Bianco in PHX during a recent trip. Limited hours and to much trouble to drive and wait in line. Just my 2 cents.

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                    bqut1- I hate to say it..but maybe the stars just lined up for us that day. The more reviews I read regarding WMSH, the more I appreciate how smooth our visit went. The food was excellent including the dessert which had everyone trying to guess what combination of spices were used in the bread pudding, but in response to intraview we did supply our own ambiance and the wait staff reminded me of trying to get our teenagers to 'help out' around the house- they do it....but not by choice.
                    Final answer: Not sure we would visit again until I read more positive posts.

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                      Thanks for the added explanation kko699.

                2. Went to Willie Mae's this Sat. They had to unlock the door to let us in (we arrived at 11am). I guess we really lucked out. Service was quick and friendly. The red beans were simple, perhaps from a can. The chicken was piping hot from the fryer. A bit greasy with a mild, delicious, crispy coating. We were out of there in 45 minutes. If you can't make it to WMSH during their limited hours (11-3), try Jacques Imo's fried chicken. I'm not a fan but their fried chicken is very good.

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                    Or try Chicken Sue's on Harrison, or Dunbar's at Loyola Law School, or the fried chicken at Cafe Reconcile, or Fury's....we have many fried chix options aside from J-I's, thankfully.

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                      Sorry I just did not get WMSH. We went on a Sat. Waited 1/2 hour for a table and then one and a half hours for the food. They were out of quite afew items (it has to be the shortest menu in town?). BTW they do not serve wine/beer so it was a very sober wait with lifeless fountain soda. We watched a couple of flies buzz us whilst every table except one waited and waited.. No ambiance and the waitstaff whilst friendly enough weren't exactly rushed off their feet. The fried chicken imho just wasn't worth what you had to put up with to get it. It seemed like a lot of people had figured this out a while ago and were simply getting it to go.

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                        To somewhat answer an earlier question, they use an all-wet batter for their fried chicken.

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                      You can also get Jacques's fried chicken at Crabby Jack's.