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Dec 19, 2007 07:52 AM

Phyllo shells with flan?

I made up some easy flan last night which turned out ok except I ended up making a double-sized batch due to a recipe snafu. So anyway I have a small container left (uncooked with the raw eggs, in the fridge). We're having people at the office bring in food tomorrow so I was wondering if I could just pour some of the raw egg/milky concoction into the shells I have in my freezer then bake?

Would the liquid contents mess up the shells?

Do I de-frost the shells first?

Also, I wonder how long I would need to bake? The recipe that I used last night called for baking in ramekins for 45 minutes at like 350 I think. Obviously this is way too long for baking these delicate shells. Would 15 minutes be sufficient to cook the eggs/set the custard?

Then I would obviously refrigerate the baby flans.

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  1. Doesn't your flan recipe call for baking the filled ramekins in a boiling water bath? Not sure I've ever seen one that doesn't. And can't imagine how you'd get a correspondingly even heat if you just baked the custard in phyllo shells. I'd be apprehensive. But then, I tend to be a recipe follower more than a recipe innovator, so what do I know.

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      I totally forgot that I baked the ramekins in a bath. Oh well. Maybe I'll bake the custard in a large bowl (with a bath) until almost done then just spoon into the shells and bake a little bit.

      Thanks Joan, I am not much of baker.

    2. Why don't you just make like a pastry cream with the concoction. All custards are basically the same until you add some heat to it so I'm sure that your flan mixture could be cooked over the stove top, whisking constantly until it is slightly thickened. Then add some flour or corn starch and vanilla and just let cool and it should end up being a thick cream that you can put in your phyllo shells, probably with some fresh fruit.