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Aug 19, 2000 03:55 PM

Montery Park

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I need a great Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park. Any suggestions? Can be a seafood place or not.

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  1. There are literally dozens of great Chinese restaurants inj Monterey Park, of which I would particularly recommend Charming Garden, for Hunanese cooking; Lake Spring Cuisine, for new-wave Shanghainese cooking; AAA for Chiu Chow food; the new Empress Harbor for high-end Hong Kong seafood, banquets and dim sum; and Luk Yue for Cantonese barbecue and roasted rice clay pots. Oh--Dumpling Master for fresh soybeans with potherb and scallion pancakes.

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      Thank you so much! That was extremely helpful.

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        Where is Empress Harbor?


        1. re: Bill Cooney

          Empress Harbor is in the former Harbor Village space in the shopping center on the northwestern corner of Atlantic and Garvey. Very good for banquet food and dim sum.

      2. Best overall seafood/dimsum restaurants are Ocean Star (145 N. Atlantic, 2nd Fl.) and NBC Seafood, (404 A S. Atlantic)