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Dec 19, 2007 07:33 AM

Ideas for Loads of Watercress?

So I bought a crapload of watercress recently... like 3 lbs worth, which unfortunately did not get used for its original intended purpose (sauteed with garlic for huge family gathering and eventually decided that there was already enough food so didn't bother with the watercress).

It's the two of us now, trying to munch our way through this jungle of watercress. I made some salads, sauteed some with garlic, and put some into a Chinese soup, and now I'm out of ideas.

It's not fresh enough to eat as salad anymore, and it's a tad fibrous to substitute for spinach in most recipes. Wondering if you have any ideas for what to do with the remaining 2 lbs of watercress?

Something interesting? Maybe a veloute? Does anyone have a recipe for a veloute?

Anything else?


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  1. A standard soup for Chinese families is pork chop or neck bones stock, salt-pepper-soy. Add firm tofu, watercress and black mushrooms. If you do not eat pork....chicken stock is obviouly substituted.

    1. If you google, you can find lots of recipes for a watercress and pea puree. I made the one in Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr. Latte, which came from somewhere else, and it was delicious. Buttery and rich, a perfect side dish; I'd even eat a big bowlful of it for lunch. The recipe I used and that I've seen elsewhere are just frozen peas, 2 bunches of watercress, lots of butter, and salt and pepper.

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        I just watched an old Wolfgang Puck episode where he made a chilled watercress and potato soup (and it looked delicious). It was his different take on a viccysoise. I'm not sure if chilled soups are appropriate for Toronto this time of year!!

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          I've made a similar soup before, I think mine had zucchini in it as well (it was quite a few years ago). The watercress is very nice in it. I think it called for chicken stock, and then finishing it with milk or cream. Could be served warm or cold.