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Aug 19, 2000 11:55 AM

Los Olivos restaurant reccs???

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I am visiting Los Olivos, in the wine country near Santa Barbara. Could anyone suggest any restaurants worth visiting up there?

Much obliged.


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  1. The restaurants in Los Olivos proper are for the most part overpriced and mediocre. Try the Hitching Post in nearby Buellton, which has legendary barbecued steaks and a great list of local wines--including many pinots that the Hitching Post's owner/chef Frank Ostini made himself.

    1. Had a great meal at Brothers in Solvang, It was only about 20 mins from Los Olivos. Creative menu, intimate ambiance and helpful service.

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        i second the brothers rec. (eom)

      2. The last time I was at Brother's restaurant they told me that they bought the Ballard Store restaurant and were remodeling it. It was awhile ago and they may have moved in by now.

        In Solvang try Cabernet Bistro for dinner. Everything we have tried is good but he is an expert in duck.

        In the town of Santa Ynez their is a wonderful Italian place at the end of the main tourist street. It is in a shopping center. I think it is call Il Buccatini. They have a wood fired pizza oven and he grows his own tomatoes and Basil.

        In Los Olivos, Fess Parker's hotel has a very good chef now. He used to be the chef at the Santa Barbara Biltmore fine dining room.

        In the Ballard Inn they have a nice restaurant. It used to be just OK but it has much improved.

        Again in Solvang, for lunch, Angelica's has of all things, the best Carnitas Torta (sandwich). I am not a big fan of their food usually but I would order this again...i am salivating just thinking about kidding...and I just had a big dinner.