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Dec 19, 2007 07:01 AM

Where can you get Alberta beef in Toronto?

Hi folks,

I used to live in TO and am back home in Calgary, so AB beef is not an issue for me. However, my buddy who lives in Toronto, but is from Calgary is looking for a butcher or shop that sells AB beef. Anybody know a place?


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  1. I've had Alberta beef at Summerhill Market, which is on Summerhill Ave, east of Mount Pleasant. Definitely worth looking for, as it is miles better than anything from south of the border.

    1. Royal Beef on Danforth had it the last time I was there.

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        Correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't Alberta beef pretty much the standard sold everywhere? I'm pretty sure Loblaw's sells it.

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          Cargill is the supplier to all large chains and they do have a plant in Guelph as well as huge operations in Alberta. So there may be some Ontario beef and pork in the chains, but most of it is western, and the beef mostly Alberta. Some packages are marked, such as Peace River in the premium Dominion line. If there is a meat counter, ask about the supplier.
          The Costco delivery trucks pick up AAA beef in Alberta and bring it eastward. Again, Cargill is the supplier, and Maple Leaf for their poultry and pork.
          But to get specific information, we should be asking more questions.

      2. According to, Alberta produces 68% of the beef in Canada. Most of it is exported from the province. There would be little incentive to export to neighbouring prairie provinces that also have small populations and large expanses of grazing land. So, you guessed it, most of it goes to BC and Ontario. So as others have implied, even buying beef at random in Ontario you have at least an average chance of ending up with AB beef.

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