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Aug 19, 2000 11:52 AM

Cooking School Reccs???

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A little tangential... Can anyone recommend cooking classes in LA? I am a serious amateur chef.


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  1. The Wednesday LA Times lists quite a few cooking classes every week in the Food Section.

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    1. re: Larry

      A friend of mine took classes at Epicurean on Melrose and enjoyed them very much. They're a little pricey, but she says she learned a lot.

      1. re: Jenji

        Yes, I have heard that Epicure is good. I was wondering which classes your friend took and if she reccommends any teachers in particular?

        1. re: michael

          My friend took a six month course at Epicurean that met once a week for four hours and covered "all the basics." She says the class was great, but that the woman who taught the class is no longer there so she doesn't know who to suggest. She also mentioned that there's a new cooking school in the Culver City/Venice area called the New School of Cooking that is getting a lot of positive buzz. Also, Sur La Table in Santa Monica offers cooking classes. Each class covers a different subject and welcomes a new guest chef so I think it's a crap shoot in terms of quality of instruction, but you might want to check out their schedule. I've taken two classes there -- one was snoozeville and very uninformative, the other was a little more interesting and the tasting was great. Good Luck.

          1. re: Jenji

            I know nothing about any of these classes, but I just found the New School of Cooking website.


            Doesn't say much, but it's kind of pretty...

      2. re: Larry

        Out of curiosity, these classes that are offered by cooking stores, restaurants, etc, are they hands on or are you sitting down and watching a chef at work?

        1. re: Kevin

          The couple classes that I took, you sit in the chef's restaurant and they cook a meal on one of those propane burners. After they put all of the ingredients together and the dish is ready to cook, they bring an already finished dish out of the kitchen and you eat it. Then they start to prepare the next dish. It is like watching a cooking show on TV except you don't get as good a seat, on the plus side: you can ask questions, smell the food cooking and get to eat it.

      3. Never taken any courses there, but the California School of Culinary Arts is a pretty serious cooking academy.

        Most students hope to cook professionally, but they do offer courses for the at home cook.

        1. Most of Epicurean's classes are hands-on, meaning that you get in there and do the cooking with the help of the instructors and the other students. For me, that's the best way to learn. Some of the classes are basic, for beginners, and some are more advanced. The series are not inexpensive, though. Also check out UCLA Extension. They have both special interest type cooking classes as well as professional training courses. And the community colleges (i.e. Pasadena City College, Santa Monica CC) usually offer some evening cooking classes.