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Dec 19, 2007 06:53 AM

Liquor as a Gift

My boyfriend is trying to "upgrade" his alcohol assortment. He recently spent $100 on a bottle of aged Grand Marnier and $75 on a bottle of single malt. He already has Hennessey and Courvoisier, Petron tequila, and lots of vodka and flavored liquors. What would be another luxury staple to have on hand that I could get for him to add to his collection?

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  1. How about a nice vermouth and gin so that he is prepared to make a classic martini? If you do a search of this board I think there are a couple really good threads about vermouth and how to make the perfect martini.

    1. What about other whiskeys? Bourbon and rye come to mind, and you can certainly spend a lot on either if you want to!

      I also second the gin/vermouth suggestion. Also, what about bitters? Not too expensive, but classy nonetheless. For potable bitters, there's campari, Pimm's, etc., and for non-potable bitters, angostura (though he almost certainly has that), peychaud's, Reagan's orange, etc, etc.

      1. How about Chartreuse? Perhaps even more luxurious would be the aged Chartreuse V.E.P.?

        1. How about a good tequila?

          1. Here are a couple of recs from Imbibe Magazine's pages (disclosure: my employer): Rye is a great gift, many are small-batch distilled with hand-written batch IDs on the bottle. Try Van Winkle Rye. Premium bourbon is also beyond delicious—Eagle Rare and Evan Williams are a couple of my favorites. I'm leaving out years aged (10 year, 17 year, etc.) because cost can vary widely and I don't know your budget. You can read an article on rye that appeared in the mag (also makes a great gift, if I may say so myself) last January: