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Dec 19, 2007 06:49 AM

New Thai in Wall/Sea Girt?

Anyone tried the new Thai restaurant on 35 in Wall/Sea Girt?

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    1. re: bgut1

      I have not tried the place yet. I believe it just opened on the 15th. It is located just north of the Sea Girt Avenue/Route 35 intersection. It's called "Thai Basil," I think??

      1. re: MGZ

        Think that is the name. It is a very small place. I went by last night and it was not very busy. It was called Lou's I believe before.

        1. re: Barbarella

          I think its in the building where Szechuan Garden used to be. It's about time that place went away, bad bad chinese food.

    2. There is also a new Thai place where the Ritz bakery used to be in Manasquan, first it had one name on the sign now another. Anyone been?

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      1. re: retrovertigo

        The place on 71 in Manasquan is called Sunrise Garden. At the beginning of the summer it opened as Asian Basil, then mysteriously closed. It stayed dark most of the summer and fall reopening in its present incarnation at the beginning of December (which is a tough time to be closed for a Manasquan restaurant). My understanding is that there is at least some common ownership between it, Asahi (next door - Japanese), and Golden Cheung (a couple of doors down - Chinese).

        The menu is half chinese and half thai. They offer up standard fare from both cuisines (General Tso's Chicken, Hot & Sour Soup, Pad Thai, and Assorted Curries). Some more adventurous offerings are on the menu as well (Pine Cone Fish and Indonesian Banana Leaf Jumbo Shrimp).

        We tried the Pad Thai and the Green Curry (sticking to the basics). The Green Curry was very spicy, which is fine with us, but might be too much for many. The Pad Thai was typical, though flavorful.

        The servers were very attentive as the place was not crowded. The prices are reasonable and it's BYO. Also, the place lacks any sort of ambiance. At bottom, we will go back; however, that may be due in large part to the proximity of our home.

        1. re: MGZ

          Good report thanks, maybe we will check it out as proximity makes it quite convenient for us as well. Hopefully you are wrong about it being commonly owned with Golden Cheung, the only chinese retaurant where we actually found gravel stones in our food :(

          1. re: retrovertigo

            Yuck!! My daughter gets take out from there all the time. I will warn her to stay away!!

            1. re: Barbarella

              Any suggestions for Chinese food in Southern Monmouth county - we haven't found anything other than the typical greasy Chinsese takeout fare

              1. re: briellefoodie

                I know of no decent Chinese restaurant anywhere in the area. Perhaps, someone else might?

                1. re: MGZ

                  Not a restaurant, but the Chinese Buffet at Wegman's in Ocean Twp. is pretty good.

          2. re: MGZ

            It appears that Sunrise Garden has closed again. Have no idea why, but thought I'd save anyone thinking about trying it a trip.

        2. Everyone the new Thai restaurant on Rt 35 in Sea Girt is not the Sunrise Garden, which was a mediocre establishment down on Rt 71 in Manasquan. The new restaurant It is called Basil Thai and is quite good. My wife and I have been there several times over the past few weeks. The wait staff is very friendly and they did a real nice job with the ambience. It is a BYOB with a good selection and reasonable pricing. Give it a try and you will be glad you did...

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          1. re: bjsimmons

            Can you tell me exactly where this is, and what is around it? My parents live in Manasquan and my mother loves Thai. I'd like to take her there, but I'd like to know some other landmarks or shops around it so we don't end up driving all over the place (and my mother suffers from complete lack of sense of direction!)

            1. re: mschow

              It is located on Route 35 just north of Sea Girt Avenue.

          2. Rt. 35 next to Brielle Furniture.

            1. Update - we go there weekly now (6) times so far and I will go so far as to say it has very good food, is consistent and the nice people make this one of our new favorites.
              My rating: (4) stars out of (5)
              Bottom line: go there and try it - you will be happy!

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              1. re: bjsimmons

                What are some of the foods you have ordered to recommend? My Dh does not eat anything raw, what is there on the menu for him?

                1. re: Barbarella

                  I've eaten here a few times and I'd say it's an OK Thai place. There are many better places in Middlesex county and in Hoboken, but for Siam Basil is a good option for those living in Monmouth county. The service is good and very polite.
                  My Filipino mom and aunts enjoy the food and really look forward to eating here when they come to visit.

                  Dishes I've had:
                  - I have had many of the appetizers, but cant remember any of them being memorable. Save your appetite for the entrees or get a salad. The salads are more interesting, especially if you like spicy dishes.
                  -Papaya salad - fresh and SPICY, order a Thai Iced Tea to cool down, good
                  - Tom Yum - good, tangy
                  - Tom Kha - good, but could be more aromatic....too heavy on the coconut milk
                  ...the soups in general are ok, but the broth could have more depth to them.
                  - Kao Ped Subparod was great (curry fried rice with cashews, shrimp and pineapple). My husband loved this. He wasn't hungry when we went, but ended up devouring the entire plate.
                  - Green curry was good and spicy
                  - Pad Thai and Pad Keemaw are both just ok.
                  - Bangkok duck is VERY good, but pricey. Mom craves it.
                  - Pla sam rod (fried red snapper) is good, but pricey. Crispy, sauce isnt too sweet, lots of veggies.

                  1. re: Barbarella

                    I agree that it's an OK place. I went there for the first time last night and the curry was a little thick for my taste. A MUCH MUCH better option is Bamboo Leaf in Bradley Beach on Main St. You will not be disappointed, it's one of the best Thai restaurants in the state.

                    I'm Asian and I will eat pretty much everything, but my much less adventurous boyfriend had some concerns about trying Thai food at first. He can't get enough of it now. The Pad Se Ew is good for anyone who is hesitant about trying Thai for the first time. It's basically stir-fried chow fun noodles, which are flat and wide.

                    Please, please try Bamboo Leaf in Bradley Beach if you haven't already. You absolutely won't regret it!

                    1. re: cling0017

                      Second this for sure. The Pad Se Ew is terrific and there is a BBQ chicken to die for. It's marinated in lime and coconut milk or something - comes out sizzling - no skin. So so so good. They are closed Monday which is why I am here looking for an alternative. :(