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Dec 19, 2007 06:48 AM

Accidentally bought extra large eggs

My recipes call for large eggs. Is there any adjustment I need to make to the quantity of eggs used when baking with extra large v. large eggs?

Thanks Chowhounders!


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  1. Since large eggs are 24 ounces in the carton and extra large eggs will give you 27 ounces of eggs, it really shouldn't make any difference in your recipes.

    1. I agree with speyerer. I always buy extra large eggs, and use them one for one in anything I make.

      And this link has a chart about halfway down the page, equivalents for egg sizes, that indicates you can do the same.

      But if you have any recipe in which you think absolute precision is essential, then you can weigh them and just include 24 oz. for each large egg for which the recipe calls.

      1. As a point of interest, I believe that all the recipes in "The Essential Baker" are for extra large eggs.

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          Thank you all! I had no problems with the extra large eggs. All recipes turned out great!