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Dec 19, 2007 06:44 AM

Peppermill req for MikeR from the DC board

The peppermills they sell at Penzey's are oldfashioned wooden ones from Germany that look cool on the table. You could try one of them. I like ours. I'm not sure if the extra large peppercorns would work in it, but you could ask them at Penzey's.

Cooks Illustrated recommends the Magnum and I have the smaller version. I think it would work with the large peppercorns. I am pretty happy with it, although I find it hard to adjust to a fine grind setting which is one of the things Cooks said it did well (adjust to a variety of grinds easily). I use it when I want a coarse grind, and it works well for that. YMMV.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Since Penzey's is close by, I intend to stop in and talk with them about this, at least to find out if they're aware of the potential problem. I'm not sure I want to spend $25 or more for a new pepper mill to grind three bucks worth of pepper, but I'm curious as to what they have to say if it's beyond "Duh???".

    1. I swear by PEUGEOT. I had two of their mills for years. They are just great. Look underneath to see if the brand name is engraved.

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        Peugeot!!! We have two - one since 1971. Just before thanks giving, my wif was going to throw the old one away because the finish had become kind of gross & sticky over the years. I took the grinding mechanism out, wiped the wood with solvent, let it dry & rubbed it with mineral oil. After cleaning the grinding mechanism a bit the grinder is as good as new. I love things that work well & last forever. Peugeot pepper mills do it.

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          I actually have a Peugeot, and that's one of the ones that these peppercorns don't fit. I got it years ago when it was a hot item. I rarely see them any more but I do see cheap copies.

          So here's the final answer. I went back to Penzey's with the jar of peppercorns and told my story to the nice lady behind the counter. She said "We re-designed our pepper mill so that it will work with those large peppercorns." and showed me their latest mills. So apparently there really IS a problem with these oversized pepper corns and "standard" mills. They recognized it, and offer a solution.

          However, I didn't feel like investing $25 to use a $3 jar of pepper, so I traded the jar for a different variety that fits my pepper mills. It's not as intense as the India Special Bold but it's more flavorful than the grocery store black peppercorns.

          All's well that ends reasonably well.