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Dec 19, 2007 06:34 AM

Italian Rum Cake

I know there have been previous posts about where to find a good Italian Rum Cake in the Boston area. I'm hoping for a little more in depth help along similar lines. For a little background, I lived in Malden my whole life until 4 years ago when I moved to Texas! I love the rum cake at Esposito's on route 60 in Revere, but I don't think they can ship one here and there is no one in the area that does this type of cake. When I try to find recipes online, they look like some kind of fruit cake, scary!!!!! I'm hoping that someone knows of either 1) a recipe for Boston area style Italian Rum Cake or 2) a Boston area bakery that is willing to ship withing the continental US. Absolutely any assistance is very greatly appreciated! I hope everyone that reads this has a wonderful holiday season! Thanks

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  1. Has anyone else out there been to Esposito's? I know there are other posts similar to this and that is probably part of why people are not replying, but from other's I've seen the recipe they like is differen't from what Esposito's makes. At this point, even replies telling me to give up would be appreciated over silence! I tried calling Modern Pastry, but they don't ship cakes, and the woman was horribly rude to me. I got off the phone in tears. She spoke to me like I was an idiot that had completely wasted her time.

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      Never been to Esposito's - sorry! Among the North End Boston bakeries, Mike's is not the favorite on this board. However, while I tend to agree in terms of which bakery to shop at in person, they're not by any means horrible and they seem to have lots of experience shipping. Why not give them a call?

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        They don't ship rum cakes. I beginning to think no one does.

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          Sadly, that's entirely possible - aren't they pretty delicate? If I'm thinking of the right cake, they're frosted with whipped cream, for one thing.

    2. I grew up on a number of variations of Italian Rum Cake on 9th Street in Philadelphia (Isgro's and Termini's)... What makes the Boston version unique ? Now I'm curious as to what I didn't notice while I was eating the Boston version for the past 18 years. Thanks...