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Dec 19, 2007 06:32 AM

Mini buns?

Hey chowhound shoppers!

Has anyone seen mini brioche rolls or mini buns in stores/bakeries in the D.C./Baltimore area? I want to make mini sliders (hamburgers) for a New Year's party, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can avoid making the buns myself :)

Thanks to all!

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  1. At both Safeway and Giant I've seen mini potato buns. I use them for pulled pork at events like super bowl parties, etc.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Whole Foods used to carry small brioche rolls, but I found them too dry. I also opt for the Shoppers Food Warehouse mini potato rolls. You have to slice them though, but they are nice, firm, moist and hold up to a juicy burger pretty well.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        nice, I knew you'd come through! I'll check out the mini potato rolls!

        if anyone knows of non-Whole Foods mini brioche buns, please let me know! :)

        I think I will check Wegman's this weekend.

        1. re: choconut

          I've seen mini brioche buns at Swiss Bakery in Burke, VA. I don't know if it's a regular item or how good it is. You can also get dinner rolls at the Great Harvest Bread Company if you order ahead that would be perfect for sliders.

          Swiss Bakery & Pastry Shop
          9536 Old Keene Mill Rd, Burke, VA

    2. When I make mini bbq sandwiches I use the King's Hawaiian dinner rolls they are perfect size, and I like the flavor. You have to cut them in half, but I know they have that brand at Harris Teeter and probably others.

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        oh, I LOVE King's Hawaiian. but I never buy it because I love it so. does that make sense? :)

        Thanks ktmoomau for reminding me.

      2. I made mini-sliders for a holiday party and I baked little rolls myself. I wanted really small sliders and all of the dinner roll offerings were too big. It wasn't hard, I just picked up a boxed bread mix then separated the dough into 16 pieces and baked. The box said it made 6-8 dinner rolls - so they were about half the size. I used a sourdough bread mix and the rolls held up very well.

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          I'm a huge advocate of making everything from scratch (I really did seriously consider baking my own mini buns — I saw Ina make <a href=" but since I want to make 10 varieties of appetizers, I should probably take it easy and cede to some shortcuts.

          But I'll definitely try your suggestion another time JustinS! Thanks for your idea :)

        2. I'm sure you can get them at Whole Foods or Safeway. They are so popular nowadays, most grocery stores have some version of this.

          Another alternative is buying normal size buns and then taking a cookie cutter and cutting them down to the size you want. Wastes a bit of the but but you can save the extra pieces and grind them up in your food processor and use them for bread crumbs. (I feel like Martha Stewart with that suggestion :)! )