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Aug 18, 2000 01:52 PM


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can anyone make any suggestions as to what to order at encounter at lax?

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  1. Cocktails. Then leave and eat dinner at a restaurant that's actually good.

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      I agree with Pepper. The calamari appetizer was particularly disappointing -- flabby, rubbery strips.

    2. Appetizers were good, especially the ones that didn't require cooking (salads and tartare). Entrees were a bust. For dessert you HAVE to get the...I think they call it the chocolate is the coolest looking dessert anywhere. It looks just like the building and is made of chocolate cake, cookies, and mousse as well as raspberry mousse. It is not very expensive. Order 2-3 appetizers (soups are good too) and that dessert and I believe that you will be happy. I only wish that I had been given this advice when I first went there.