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Dec 19, 2007 06:10 AM

An interesting restaurant downtown?

Hi, and thanks in advance for any thoughts you might be able to offer!

I'll be in Montreal with my boyfriend and my parents for four nights next week. We're in our 30's, my parents are in their early 60's, we all live in Boston, and we all love to eat. We'll have a few meals as a group, but my parents will probably split off on their own a few nights, too.

But don't worry, this isn't yet another "where should I eat in Montreal" post! I've been reading the Montreal board obsessively over the past few days, so I know where I'm hoping to go with my boyfriend -- Bu, Bouchonée, and perhaps Bazar Anise or Leméac, some of the neighborhood bistros mentioned in other posts. We speak French, and we can't stand boring, touristy restaurants -- so I'm really grateful for the info I've found here.

The problem, however, is where to eat on our first night in Montreal, when my parents will be tired and will likely want to stay close to the hotel. We're staying at the Sofitel (Sherbrooke at Stanley), and I haven't read about any interesting restaurants in that neighborhood.

Any thoughts? I'm looking for a place with a nice atmosphere, great/interesting food, not terribly expensive, and not terribly loud (my mother is a bit hard of hearing).

Thanks so much!

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  1. Brasserie Brunoise pretty much fits your bill. It's a couple of blocks from where you'll be stay, and fulfills the prerequisites of the last paragraph. Heck, even the hockey team will be out of town, so no worries there either.

    1. Decca77 has a $35 prix fixe dinner menu that's a very good deal (don't be put off by the website's Wine Spectator glitz). Europea's $50 table d'hôte dinner is equally appealing. The somewhat old-fashioned but always reliable Le Mas des Oliviers doesn't list its prices on its website but its not exorbitant.

      1. I would recommend L'entrecote St. Jean. Your options on the menu are (If I remember correctly):

        Salad, Steak Frites and desert or,
        Soup and Steak Frites

        That being said, they do it REALLY well. They've been open for a really long time (Pierre Trudeau used to be a frequent diner) so they are time tested.

        L'entrecote St. Jean: 2022 Peel & Maisonneuve (281-6492)

        According to a review I found: "Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 5 p.m. to 11 P.M. $35 for two before wine, taxes and service. Table d'hôte: $16.45 (noon and evening). Daily special: $13.20."

        1. How about Bronte? it's not exactly right next door. but hardly on the other side of town either.

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            Yeahbut "not terribly expensive"?

          2. Bazar Anise was temporarily closed to move when I called to make a reservation this past weekend, not sure when they will re-open. Just a heads-up so you know to call ahead.

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              Have heard they're opening this week for breakfast, brunch and lunch (their website now says December 18) and on January 15 for dinner.

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                I am going to give my thumbs up to The Renoir in the Sofitel. I find it is an overlooked restaurant on the scene but i Find it does food very competently in a lovely atmosphere. Bronte is my all time fave a few doors down but I find going there is a whole evening devoted to food/wine and indulgence.

                1. re: carswell

                  I just got an email from them saying they'll be open today, the 20th, for Breakfast and Lunch.

                  "La chef Racha Bassoul vous y reçoit à partir d'aujourd'hui
                  le jeudi 20 décembre 2007
                  Le MATIN et le MIDI (du mardi au vendredi)
                  le BRUNCH (samedi et dimanche)"