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Dec 19, 2007 06:04 AM

Stainless Finish on a Griddle??

I have a saute with a stainless steel finish, and I assume aluminum inside for heat distribution. Cooks great, cleans easily, and lets me do eggs like a short order cook with a steel spatula.

What I can't find is a griddle, rectangular two-burner size, with the same SS finish. All the non-sticks I try don't give me that cooking result that I like, and I'm not into the cast iron.

Anyone know where I can get a griddle for my stovetop with this kind of finish? Can't find it online... Thanks.

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  1. Sounds like you're looking for something like I've been looking for for years. Closest I ever came was a nickel plated cast iron double griddle. Didn't buy it because the handles stuck up too far and would have gotten in the way of a spatula. Google for nickel plated cast iron and you'll find the company that does them, they've been mentioned on these boards before.

    Ideally, my perfect double griddle would have:
    Copper or aluminum bottom for even heat distribution.
    Cast iron center for extra heat capacity
    Stainless or nickel surface for simple, easy cleanup.
    No drain channels or troughs.
    Low (1/4 to 1/2 inch) sides
    Small horizontal handles that don't get in the way (or ones that'll fold or hinge down).

    Everything I've looked at has some intrinsic fault that makes it no better than my current cast-iron griddle. And my only real complaint with my current griddle is the heat distribution. I've actually read up on a home aluminum foundry or contracting out to a foundry to put a thick base of aluminum on my griddle. Or plating a thick layer of copper onto the bottom.

    1. I don't quite understand what you mean by "cooking result that I like."

      I've been using a simple, "cast iron" or carbon steel two-burner griddle for years and it's a workhorse, both on the burners and over a fire. Like a cast iron pan, once you've developed the proper patina, it's a champ.

      The only stainless steel griddle or plancha that's I've seen was on Thomas Kellers' $250K Bonnet stovetop at per se. Other than that, my friend has a nickel plated griddle in his restaurant in Baltimore.

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        Maybe nickel plated is the answer... "the result I like" is about the results a short order cook gets from his/her restaurant griddle. Think the eggs over easy that come off a real griddle, with slightly crisped edges. A clean and smooth steel spatula against griddle. That sort of thing. Then cleans up clean and easy. What is the surface of a restaurant griddle?

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          I actually found a steel 3/8 plate griddle at this link... any insight on how this will cook or clean up?

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            I don't know if it was in the side panel when you looked at homeclick, but when I did, there was a link to a s/s griddle:


            That might fit your bill.

            Now that you've said that you're looking for a "real" griddle experience, I think you'll find it hard to go wrong with a double burner carbon steel griddle plate from a place like Restaurant Depot (or some other restaurant supply house). Like a "real" griddle, they're simple carbon steel that needs a little TLC (seasoning) to get rolling.

            Mine cost $40 at Rest Depot and has been working like a champ. Use it for bacon, eggs, pancakes for breakfast or as a plancha for fish, steaks, tacos and so much more.

            Like a cast iron pan (or carbon wok), once you've developed the seasoning, it has a natural "non-stick" surface that keeps giving and giving.

            And, if you really want the "griddle experience", you can buy one of those pumice blocks and "clean" off the patina every night - like you see the diner cooks doing (or the cooks at Waffle House).

      2. I would agree that non-stick griddles tend not to develop any fond on the food, and can even mess with the spreading out of batters and scrambled eggs compared to SS. Yet I have only non-stick and cast iron griddles in my kitchen.

        I don't know of any major cookware sources that make a rectangular two burner griddle in SS. One factor is simply cost. The amount of metal that would be needed AND the gauge that such a piece would necessitate would make this a VERY pricey proposition. For instance the Viking multi-ply roasting pan (which is about the size needed) is around $300 and that is just an Al core wrapped in SS (unlike their stove top pans that are multiple layers of Al & Cu...).

        I don't think it would really make economic sense, as the market for this would be very limited. Most home cooks that want a big SS griddle save up for a commercial stove that has one (and then they decide that upkeep is a pain. but that is another story...)