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Dec 19, 2007 05:39 AM

Kosher/Israeli shopping in Queens

I'll be in NY later this week and have a shopping list of items friends have asked me to bring back here to the boonies. Most of the items are specifically Israeli. Since I'll be in Queens anyhow (mostly Flushing & Bayside) I figure it's no problem.

Where can I find the best selection of Israeli food items in Queens?


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  1. all kosher and under the VHQ;
    Brach's Supermarket Of Queens
    72-51 Main St. - Kew Gardens Hills
    (718) 544-7448
    not all kosher, but worth a visit;
    Trader Joe's - Queens
    90-30 Metropolitan Ave, Rego Park
    (718) 275-1791

    1. A to Z kosher on Union Turnpike had a lot of things, and the cheeses were impressive. My husband is Israeli and he was impressed.

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        For fresh Israeli spices, go to Pereg on Main Street.

      2. Can you give us a more specific list of what you're looking for, I find my best bet for Israeli, is Amalya's, which is on Main Street, near CUNY law school

        1. I agree with the Pereg suggestion. You'll love the aroma just walking in there. You can also check out Wasserman's, which is across the street from Brach's, for the Israeli packaged and canned products. Of course, Supersol might also have what you're looking for.

          If you're closer to Bayside, check out the Union Turnpike shops: Phoenix Foods, Isaac's, A to Z.

          1. I suggest Amalya's as well. They have an excellent selection of olives, pickles, and cheeses (including multiple varieties of feta). We stop there whenever we go to JFK or LGA to pick up some feta and preserved lemons.