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Dec 19, 2007 05:28 AM

Shogun Legends RT 34 Wall

I have been waiting for this place to open for over a year, and it is! Has anyone tried it yet? Any reveiws?

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  1. For those that don't know this is the former Meritage space and is owned by the same people that run Shogun at Bey Lea in Toms River. While I've yet to dine at Legend, I can report that the sushi at Bey Lea is of the highest quality. I've spoken with the chef and owner many times and they clearly have a commitment to using quality ingredients. Please let us know if you go. Good Luck.

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      I haven't been to this location yet but I pass by it 2x a day. I love the Shogun in Toms River so I would imagine this is just as good and can't wait to try it. If I do, I will be sure and report back here.

    2. I went here for lunch today! It really was a great experience. The salmon sushi was cold, with a perfect amount of rice to fish. The Vegetarian roll was like nothing I have had anywhere in the state. I am a foodie and this place really, exceeded my expectations. Try the Sushi Pizza and the spicy steamed dumplings both were amazing!!!!!!

      1. Do they have a website.
        Need dining hours.

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        1. Well we finally tried it! Hubby, myself and two kids went last night. We ate upstairs in the habachi section for the kids. We started with a dozen kumamoto oysters with a nice chili oil, very small and delicious and a sashimi chef sampler (scallop, tuna, black fish and salmon) with various sauces. Very pretty presentation, what I got to taste was very good, but had to almost fight my 9 yr old son for any;). Our waiter did seem a bit confused and when I asked for wasabi and ginger he asked me if they had it?? I told him, I didn't know, he is the one working here! In his defense the upstairs was alot of families and they probably deal almost exclusively with the habachi menu. They did have it and he brought it. Glancing at the downstairs dining room menu, I would like to go back sans children and try it. The habachi food was good standard habachi food, we tried chicken, steak, filet and lobster, all fresh, and well prepared, all be it a bit boring, but we ordered it so no complaints! Great place for the kids, the habachi chefs hammed it up at all of the tables, so we will go back with the kids, maybe even for the 9yr olds upcoming birthday party.

          1. Tried it tonight! Overall, nice. The decor is quite nice, and the big aquarium is quite the eye-catcher. Big dining area, nice bar area. We dined downstairs (by the sushi bar), wanted to go upstairs to check it out, but perhaps another time.

            I started off with savory sesame noodles. They were good, nothing spectacular, but tasty. He had the sushi appetizer. I stole one of the scallop rolls, it was very, very good. I had the pa-pa dragon roll - eel, tuna, avocado, with a honey walnut in it -- very unique, very yummy) and an eel roll. He had the flaming heart (forget what was in that) and a Philadelphia roll. No complaints.

            Definitely good enough to want to go back.