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Shogun Legends RT 34 Wall

I have been waiting for this place to open for over a year, and it is! Has anyone tried it yet? Any reveiws?

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  1. For those that don't know this is the former Meritage space and is owned by the same people that run Shogun at Bey Lea in Toms River. While I've yet to dine at Legend, I can report that the sushi at Bey Lea is of the highest quality. I've spoken with the chef and owner many times and they clearly have a commitment to using quality ingredients. Please let us know if you go. Good Luck.

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      I haven't been to this location yet but I pass by it 2x a day. I love the Shogun in Toms River so I would imagine this is just as good and can't wait to try it. If I do, I will be sure and report back here.

    2. I went here for lunch today! It really was a great experience. The salmon sushi was cold, with a perfect amount of rice to fish. The Vegetarian roll was like nothing I have had anywhere in the state. I am a foodie and this place really, exceeded my expectations. Try the Sushi Pizza and the spicy steamed dumplings both were amazing!!!!!!

      1. Do they have a website.
        Need dining hours.

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        1. Well we finally tried it! Hubby, myself and two kids went last night. We ate upstairs in the habachi section for the kids. We started with a dozen kumamoto oysters with a nice chili oil, very small and delicious and a sashimi chef sampler (scallop, tuna, black fish and salmon) with various sauces. Very pretty presentation, what I got to taste was very good, but had to almost fight my 9 yr old son for any;). Our waiter did seem a bit confused and when I asked for wasabi and ginger he asked me if they had it?? I told him, I didn't know, he is the one working here! In his defense the upstairs was alot of families and they probably deal almost exclusively with the habachi menu. They did have it and he brought it. Glancing at the downstairs dining room menu, I would like to go back sans children and try it. The habachi food was good standard habachi food, we tried chicken, steak, filet and lobster, all fresh, and well prepared, all be it a bit boring, but we ordered it so no complaints! Great place for the kids, the habachi chefs hammed it up at all of the tables, so we will go back with the kids, maybe even for the 9yr olds upcoming birthday party.

          1. Tried it tonight! Overall, nice. The decor is quite nice, and the big aquarium is quite the eye-catcher. Big dining area, nice bar area. We dined downstairs (by the sushi bar), wanted to go upstairs to check it out, but perhaps another time.

            I started off with savory sesame noodles. They were good, nothing spectacular, but tasty. He had the sushi appetizer. I stole one of the scallop rolls, it was very, very good. I had the pa-pa dragon roll - eel, tuna, avocado, with a honey walnut in it -- very unique, very yummy) and an eel roll. He had the flaming heart (forget what was in that) and a Philadelphia roll. No complaints.

            Definitely good enough to want to go back.

            1. This place was horrible... HORRIBLE SERVICE. We will never go back!

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                When did you go? Was it busy? I know our server was a tad on the slow side even though the place was far from packed (on a Wednesday night), but I chalked it up to being new. I'm always willing to give benefit of the doubt first go around. Also, even if you don't plan on going back, let management know so they know that is an area they can work on.

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                  Oh no, we were to go there last Saturday night but I got ill. Please give details on visit. What was ordered? Was it just the service or the place overall???

                2. I went a few weeks back on a Saturday night. Food was good. Place looks great, much nicer then the old Meritage. However, it seems like everyone was there for a birthday. What seemed like each table had to have the big celebration. That means the disco ball and music playing about every 5-10 mins to bring out the giant sparkler. This made it very loud and hard to carry on a conversation. Would go back, but perhaps on a weeknight when there will probably not be so many B-Days.

                  1. a tale of 2 dining experiences... the 1st time i went i was new to the kind of food that was there... the waiter whos name i do not remember but he did have a broken finger or something, was very sweet he explained the whole menu and pretty much ordered for the 4 of us.. appetizers from sushi to hot and cold apps.. a little bit of everything... the food was good and the serivice was excellent... our wine glasses were never empty....

                    as for my second experience. i didnt see the same waiter as last time but that was ok....by the end of the meal i wished id had.... the waiter was weird and horrible.. he brought out the wrong food to me.... i needed a drink and he was never there.... not a god experience at all

                    so far i am 1-1 there, i will give it 1 more chance

                    1. I went to this restaurant and had an allergic reaction. I was yelled at by the manager who also made a scene and told me I was lying about my allergic reation when in reality my throat was closing up. I will never go back.

                      1. Shogun Legends is one of the best places for Sushi in the state of NJ.
                        I keep returning for the Vegetarian Roll - Cucumber Avocado Tofu and honey Walnuts.
                        In addition, the Dumpling Trio appetizer, specifically the Salmon stuffed Edamame was pure happiness!
                        Very creative menu.
                        Cozy dining room and bar.

                        1. We stopped here for lunch yesterday.
                          Sashimi Nachos - A colorful presentation of chopped salmon, white tuna, mango , and avocado topped with yamamomo berries, served with a spicy lemon miso sauce with waffled taro chips. OK - Visually stunning but tasteless.
                          Blooming Rose - chopped fuji apple in a avocado pocket with tuna - good.
                          Menu Items:
                          Green Green Roll - Lettuce Avocado and Cuc - good really just a reason to have some greens.
                          Banzai Roll - Shrimp Tempura topped with Salmon - good - asked for the spicy mayo and special sauce on the side.
                          Salmon Sushi - Very Good
                          Yellowtail Sushi - Very Good

                          Service was wonderful but overall a little disappointing.
                          The original plan was to try the Monkey Cafe or Blue Peach, should not have deviated from the plan.