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Dec 19, 2007 05:23 AM

Underwhelmed with Dino's

I had my first meal at Dino's last week and, perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was solidly underwhelmed with the food. I had the farro tuscan bean salad and the tuscan crepe and my friend ordered the boar, which he also said was just ok. We shared the vanilla gelator with espresso on top -- again, nothing amazing.

Maybe we simply ordered the wrong things? Can anyone explain why Dino's is so great again?

Thanks everyone!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've been to Dino's twice and for me it's kind of it's a good place to go to if you want a decently priced bottle of wine and good pasta. To me it's not really a mind blowing place, but somewhere to go for some allright food.

        The first time I went I had the boar pasta and the SO had the lamb ragu and gelato with balsamic vinegar. We found the food to be great. The second time we went I had the pasta with seafood and the SO had the lasgana. The lasgana was nice, but my pasta, I was a bit disappointed with it. The pasta itself was delish as was the sauce, but I only had maybe four pieces of overcooked shrimp and some crab meat in it. The amount of seafood in the dish made me feel like I was being overcharged. I didn't bring this to the attention of the management because I found the pasta to be great and I ate the entire thing. So, it's more of a make a note not to order it again and to warn people that you might not get as much seafood as you expect.

        With those experiences taken into account I personally can't say that I can't wait to go to Dino's again, but if someone would suggest going there, I would not say no.

        1. I'm one of those folks who loves Dino. But my big thing is the wonderful and wonderfully priced wine list. I tend to limit my dining to the appetizers and the pastas. I love the gelato with the balsamic (not so much with the espresso) and in the winter, the pasta with mushrooms is to die for. But like I said, the best thing about Dino is Dean's wonderful wine list and the special nights (Sundays and Mondays and Wednesdays) that have wine deals.

          1. Dino is great because it's unlike other Italian restaurants in the area. Fine dining? Not really. Authentic Italian dishes? Absolutely. And, if you're a burrata fan (as I am), it's the place to get it, flown in from Italy on Thursdays. If you like a meal of cheeses, salumi and authentic Italian small plates, it's a great place to go.