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Dec 19, 2007 04:40 AM

Fruit cake, stollen, lemon bars or cookies at Zabar's or Fairway

Do any of these shops have fruitcake ,stollen, lemon bars or cookies worth buying? Thanks, Richie

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  1. I like Fairway's hamentaschen (sp?), especially the poppy seed and raspberry. I've never tried any of their other cookies or tarts.

    1. I have head their pear/marzipan tarte once and it was really really good...also like their apple strudel.
      Their babka and rugalach are ok but I'm not a big fan of those to begin with (rugalach seemed to be too doughy -- not sure if its supposed to be that way)

      1. For things like stollen and fruitcake, I wonder if Schaller & Weber would not be your best bet..on the Upper East Side.

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          I dont buy much of their "in house" baked goods but while Schaller & Weber is a good thought, you might be able to save yourself the trip since Fairway does get some of that stuff in for the holidays, though the selection may be a little different these days since they have stock 3 stores and don't seem to carry as much of the "tiny" batch stuff as they once did...

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            This may not be responsive to the OP's post, but Zabar's has this incredible Russian coffee cake. IMHO, it could easily fill in for any of the items the OP is looking for!