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Dec 19, 2007 04:01 AM

Oregon Truffles

My husband has been on a mission this fall to buy some truffles. While the original plan was to buy an Italian white truffle, the cost, and what we've been told about the quality this year, led us not to buy them. But he was not to be deterred and came home from the office last night with 4 oz of Oregon white truffles and 4 oz of black, as well as a packet of storing and use instructions. We put them in separate glass jars with a little bit of paper toweling, and then into the fridge for now. We did notice a slight metalic smell to the white truffles, as others have noted on this board, but I couldn't taste it, though my husband said he did.

I made a plain risotto and we used up 3 of the white truffles on top, thus using our truffle shaver for its intended purpose for the very first time (it's great for making very thin slices of garlic). They were quite delicious and my husband said that they were almost on par with Alba truffles - I've only smelled them before when offered by our local Italian restaurant. After dinner we called the purveyor - Oregon Wild Edibles - with a couple of questions and they were very nice and spent 15 minutes talking to my husband. When he ordered them, they sent them and just asked him to send a check when the truffles arrived.

So, so far so good. One of the black truffles seems to have hit its ripe peak, so I'll be making some compound butter today as recommended by the seller. Since we're going away for two weeks for the holidays, I'm giving a couple away, will try freezing a couple, putting some in oil, and bringing some with us.

The last photo is my second serving, for which I figured out how to shave the truffle thinner.

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