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Dec 18, 2007 11:46 PM

Dickie Brennan's....steakhouse(???)

ordered the house special filet mignon (served with fried oysters on the side, on top of creamed spinach & potatoes) i think it was $48.....keep in mind this is a steakhouse...specializing in steak.....
told the server i wanted it medium, with no blood. steak comes out very rare...send it back.....they send back out the same plate of creamed spinach/potatoes/fried oysters (which were cold by now) along with the steak now prepared rare.....send it back again.....they send out once again the same plate with the same bed of spinach/potaotes/oysters (which by now taste like crap) with the same steak...still rare....send it back again...tell them to go ahead and butterfly it if they have to, just cook the steak medium........once again........same stuff on the plate...butterflied steak, brought out by the manager.....cook beyond well done........the server notices it and says..."oh yeah...thats definitely not medium".....i have the manager look at it and tell him i'll just eat it since i'm on a schedule.
now the whole time going thru all would think someone would offer another glass of wine, something to drink...anything at all.........but no. it is inconceivable that a steakhouse cannot prepare a filet mignon is inconceivable that a restaurant would not replate the accompaniments whenever a plate is sent is inconceivable that any restaurant would serve the exact same steak three times when the server/manager all have witnessed and attested to the improper cooking. yes...ultimately the manager did comp the steak without asking (i think only because i politely declined the dessert offer), but any first rate restaurant should graciously offer a wine or cocktail refill immediately...much less after any dish is returned as many times.

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  1. Our goal is to provide an exceptional dining experience. Jorge Henriquez, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse General Manager, is very concerned, and asks that you give him a call at the restaurant: 504.522.2467 and ask for either him, or Lawson Gomilla, Ast. Manager.

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      Great to see a manager so active to repair poor service. I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

    2. Different specifics, but about the same attitude that I encountered pre-K. Sounds like the 'tude is still in effect. I have not found any reason to give it a second chance, but then, I do not live in NOLA, any longer. If I did, I might have let them have their way with me, just to see if all was still as bad, as I encountered.

      Even if the chef has preferences, he/she should know how to satisfy the patron, regarding the degree of doneness and want the entire dish to meet all expectations, or exceed them. I did not feel then, that they cared, and your experience seems to indicate that nothing has really changed.

      I fail to see the charm, but then maybe I'm just old-school, and too set in my ways. Even with a family member cooking there, I could not bring myself to give up so many great restaurants, just to see if I had one bad experience, out of a possibly infinite number of great ones.

      Sorry for your experience,