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Dec 18, 2007 10:44 PM

Surefire Fruitcake Recipe Recs?

My wife is determined to bake a fruitcake this year. I have tried to convince her otherwise, and would be glad to purchase a store bought version.

As she won't yield, I at least want to get a good recipe. Anyone have any tips on something that will be a success?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

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  1. What do you consider to be a great fruitcake? More cake or more fruit? Fruit barely bound together with batter? Well aged? Drunken?

    1. I think fruitcakes are usually made months ahead and aged/fed with brandy. I just made really nice "Tiny Fruitcakes": like mini muffins, and they were delicious even BEFORE I doused them in brandy!

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        It's too late to make a traditional English fruitcake, but this recipe from Nigella Lawson has had great reviews on the BBC food board:

      2. I've made last minute fruitcakes before. It's not the same as aged, with the brandy or whatever, but, if the fruit is soaked overnight in something boozy, it tends to mimic a well aged cake. Also, roasting the nuts adds to the charm. I've been known to make mine in early September. The gems or mini fruitcakes are ideal for last minute. Vlad, I've not come across too many bad fruitcake recipes. Just find one that YOU like the look of, for fruits, and all. And don't forget to have the cakes lightly sprinkled with brandy or... Even for a couple of days, it improves the cake(s) a LOT.

        One year, I made a fruitcake that, of course, had raisins, but was heavy on the citron, ginger chunks (in syrup, not candied), candied cherries and roasted hazelnuts. People LOVED it. I like playing with fruitcake themes. I don't like coconut in mine, but others
        do. Consider, that at this time of year, the stores may be sold out of some of the fruits that you want, so you may have to be a bit flexible. And ENJOY
        Paulj, as usual, you have hit the right question, square on the head.


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          Agreed that last minute fruitcakes will be to be fully drunk, as in dousing/soaking all fruits in brandy. Here's a good recipe by Alton Brown that's nice:

        2. this is the one i make annually:

          i use a combination of dried fruits (cherries, apricots, currants, blueberries, cranberries)for the 2 cups mixed candied fruit (but i still use the candied citron) and i soak them (and the raisins) in rum/kirsch the night before. after baking i poke holes in the cake with a skewer and splash with more rum/kirsch and wrap with boozy cheesecloth in a freezer bag. i age it on the counter, checking the cheesecloth once a week and adding more alcohol if necessary.