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Aug 11, 2000 08:38 PM

Roast Duck

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I'm looking for a place that serves roast duck; not duck breat fanned out on the plant. I'm talking a half roast duck with the bones included. Help! Now that I'm thinking about it where can I get a great chicken pot pie? Besides the Broadway Deli in Santa Monica.

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  1. Try Quanjude Beijing Duck Restaurant at 8450 E. Garvey Ave, Rosemead.
    818 280 9879.
    Bring your friends, order the ten course banquet. Eat everything from the tongue to the feet.

    1. For delicious crispy skinned roast duck, Chinese restaurants and take-out places are your best bet. Try Lucky Deli in downtown Chinatown.

      1. Try Warsawa, it is a Polish restaurant in Santa Monica on Lincoln just South of Santa Monica Blvd. It's located in a building that used to be a cottage. You get 1/2 a roast duck with bones etc. It can range from perfect to a bit dried out. Usually it is pretty good and pretty cheap too, I think $10.00. It comes with red cabbage, spatzle, and creamed spinach...I think.

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          I know the roast duck at Warsawa. And you're right about the range from perfect to dried out. I always smuggle in a little jar of orange sauce that I make at home before we leave. The minute the waitress turns her back I pour it on.
          Thanks for the response! I love the peking duck in Chinese restaurants but I'm really looking for the old fashioned European kind.

          1. re: Joan Winston

            I salivate thinking of the duck l'orange we used to get at the finest restaurants in NYC many, many years ago. Haven't seen it on a menu anywhere in NY, LA, or San Francisco. I took a cooking class taught at UCLA in the late 50's/early 60's and that was one of the dishes that was prepared...yum! I made it once, complete with browning the bones in the oven to make the sauce and served with wild rice. It was fabulous, but it took me 3 days to clean up the oven, kitchen, pots & pans! Perhaps that's why it is no longer served? I still treasure the recipe.

            1. re: Kit

              It's not precisely in the L.A. area, but the new restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas--Eiffel, I think-- serves a rather splendid duck a l'orange among its roster of rethought '50s French food.

        2. Every Thursday night at Musso Frank "duck a l'orange" is one of the specials. It runs out fast, so get there early and tell the waiter to put one on hold for you.