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Dec 18, 2007 09:30 PM

Inexpensive Place for a Bridal Shower Brunch

Hi guys,

I am my close friends maid of honor and that means I have to plan a bridal shower.

I would like to do a brunch for 35 people. Anyone know a smallish restaurant that wont stick us in a basement room?

I would like to stick to non-spicy foods and no sushi - Italian works best for this group but I am open to any place that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Decor is important to me!

And of course I am on a budget....


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  1. I have no idea what they charge, but their prices are reasonable and they quite often host wedding-type gatherings: Bar Toto, on 6th Avenue and 11th St. If you're not familiar, they are Italian. It's actually quite cozy in the wintertime.

    1. What borough/part of that borough are you looking for? And roughly, what's your budget and does that amount include tax/tip?

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        if you are in Brooklyn and close to park slope, i would check out Anthony's and also Spirito, which is on 9th street between fourth and fifth. both are reasonable and have decent italian food. plus, they will not stick you in the basement. the other place would be Frankie's Sputino in Carrol Garden. they have a back cottage that would work. not sure about the price, but i believe they have info available on the web.

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          I understand Spirito is closing . . .I love Frankie's as well, but am guessing it's pretty expensive, though certainly less than a lot of places.

      2. The other thing I'd suggest? We did a surprise wedding shower in a restaurant in Chinatown, which was wonderfully cheap, tons of food, we brought in our own wine, and it was great fun . . .

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        1. The Union/Smith cafe on the corner of Union and Smith in Carroll Gardens is reasonably priced, with an Italian-infused menu. They have something for everyone. And it's pretty. Good luck!

          1. Aurora in Williamsburg is pretty adorable, and very reasonable. And -- it's Italian!