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Dec 18, 2007 07:46 PM

Are the vitamins really just under the skin?

Mom & Dad always told us this about apples, potatoes, broccoli stems... I realized I had never heard or read this from a 'serious' source. Just googled a few phrases and got a lot of cooking sites, a few diet ones - no one but people who were just thoughtlessly tossing the phrase out. Is there any proof for this? What about oranges and other 'rindy' fruits?

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  1. I had a camp counselor at one point who told me her grandma made her eat the white part - pith?- of the orange between the skin & fruit meat because there were lots nutrients there. I don't think it is true, though.

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      Superfoods Rx by Steven Pratt mentions that the pith has the most nutrients, followed but the skin, then the pulp and finally the juice.