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Dec 18, 2007 07:40 PM

Good Eats around DFW/Grapevine Area

I'll be the Grapevine area next month and I'm looking for some good eats. Any suggestions?
Thanks Danny

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  1. Uncle Julio's in Grapevine for upscale TexMex.
    Kincaid's up the road in Southlake for a good burger.

    1. I recently started working in the area, so here are my finds so far. Most of these places have been reviewed here or on

      Lava Asian Grill
      La Hacienda Ranch (for the tacos only)
      Market Street's takeout area
      Main Street Bakery
      Ken's No 17 Burger Cafe (for the burger only)

      Places to avoid:
      Costa Vida
      Cantina Laredo
      Biscuit's Cafe

      Places still on my list to try:
      Joe's Italian something or other
      Boi Na Braza
      Weinberger Deli

      There's also places in Southlake that you can try that have original locations in Dallas proper:
      Fish City Grill
      Coal Vines

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        Also on your try list that I have been curious about and have heard great things from friends in Coppell and Grapevine that have been there is Cafe Italia on NW Hwy and Ball St or Esparzas on Worth and Main in Downtown Grapevine. I have never been there but perhaps you could try them out for us and report back.

        1. re: vktp

          I'm going to disagree with you on Biscuits Cafe. Their breakfasts are GREAT! HUGE, wonderful omlettes, sweet potato and regular buttermilk pancakes, and excellent home-fried potatoes. I'm assuming you thought the lunches aren't as good, but there is a reason the place is packed with locals on weekend mornings.

          Kincaid's is good if you're into greasy hamburgers and fries. Don't go if you are the least bit health-conscious as there is nothing on the menu that isn't fried!

          Market Street is just OK, IMHO. Central Market totally blows it away, and the prices aren't much different. Ihaven't darkened the doorstep of Market Street since Central Market opened.

          My personal favorite Chinese here is Empress of China at 121 and Glade. Again, the place is always packed with locals.

          We also have every chain restaurant known to man here...including some that aren't so common.

            1. re: ChristieP

              Agreed that CM beats MS hands down as a grocery store. I hadn't realized there was a Central Market in the area. I'm a much happier camper just because I'm a huge CM loyalist. But I still think MS takeout rivals and surpasses CM's (at least the Austin and Lovers Lane locations). I like the sandwich and salad counter better at CM, but MS's sushi, pasta, pizza, and blue plate special stations are better than the remainder of the offerings I've tried from CM's cold counter.

              I had breakfast at Biscuits. I guess I was expecting more after all the hype. There was nothing special about the pancakes or omelet I had, aside from the fact they came in abnormally large portion. But perhaps I ordered the wrong thing? Happy to try something else and give it a 2nd chance.

              1. re: vktp

                The Southlake CM is on Southlake Blvd at Carroll Ave. It is one of the first CMs to have a "cafe" area with actual restaurant seating and hot food served in dishes to be eaten there. We've eaten dinner there several times and love it!

                No, nothing really special about Biscuits other than good breakfast...but those sweet potato pancakes were really good! We like to go there for a big breakfast on Saturday AM and then not eat again until dinner!

                I totally agree about Cantina Laredo's salsa! We also enjoy Uncle Julio's. My husband is a big chile relleno fan, and he swears theirs are the best.

          1. Uncle Julio's--too noisy, corporate food, WAY overated! Cantina Laredo is great, esp their smoked version of salsa!

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            1. re: randyjl

              What is corporate food? I have always found the food at Uncle Julio's to be fresh and very flavorful. It does tend to get a little loud, but I think that is a result of their always being extremely crowded; possibly a sign that people like the food.

              1. re: supeRex

                Corporate food=nothing special in my book. It is noisy because they like the liquor. None of my crowd at least likes UJ's but Mexican is very individual to Texans. We can argue over it all day long; we agree to disagree on this one!

                1. re: randyjl

                  Randy J I have to co-sign what you're sayin about UJ's, my husband and I waited a LONG time to be seated, got crap service and even worse food. It was like a huge overpriced taco bell that had a bunch of really loud drunk people in it.

              2. re: randyjl

                Couldn't agree more. UJ is one of the worst places for Mexican in an area that has fantastic Mexican food.

              3. Since I live in Lewisville and it is a close drive to where you will be via 121. I suppose if you are looking for a breakfast place that will hold you over until say two days later I would try out Ham N Eggs on Round Grove Rd in Lewisville (just off the intersection of Round Grove Rd and Business 121 - to the west). I went for pancakes and a biscuit with gravy. I was greeted about 10 mins later with a biscuit the size of a small cake, and pancakes the size of hubcaps (literally). I also hear that Mill Street Cafe in Lewisville is also good for breakfast and chicken fried steak. I have yet to go there but I have included the website for you to paruse the menu. Lewisville still has the "small town charm" to it especially in downtown Lewisville. The Old Town Meat Market would be good to snag some summer sausage that they make on premises, some great brauts, or even have a BBQ lunch there. Across the street from OTMM is Dallas Tortilla Factory that has some pretty awesome tamales.





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                  Best breakfast near DFW is at Weck's in Lewisville --

                  Albuquerque cafe with Santa Fe-style green and red chile huevos rancheros, awesome burritos and lunches.

                2. The original comment has been removed