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Dec 18, 2007 07:40 PM

cheap(ish) eats for last few months in LA

I recently realized that I will not be in Los Angeles for much longer, as I will move back home after I graduate in May, and I have not yet even come close to exploring all the good foods LA has to offer. Does anyone have any recommendations for great restaurants on a college student budget? Close to the USC area would be great, but if it's worth it, I'm willing to drive far.

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  1. Philippe the Original in downtown LA: Must go if nothing else but for the story telling.

    Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood: Not necessarily the best hot dogs but you won't find another Pink's.

    Olvera Street: visit any of the Mexican establishments, there are few places that do Mexican food well unless you're moving to Texas.

    The many wonderful Thai restaurants in North Hollywood, again, I doubt you'll be able to find better Thai in other areas.

    Korean BBQ in koreatown: same idea, doubtful there'll be better offerings.

    Coffee from Groundworks cafe in Downtown LA

    Dim Sum in the SGV area - close enough from USC and doubtful you'll find a replica outside of LA.

    Banana Leaf at the Farmer's Market on third. It's great Singaporean food.
    or just explore the food establishments in the Farmer's Market. They're not all great, but it's fun to explore all the choices.

    Normandie Bakery (i think that's the name, do a board search) -- they offer great baked goods.

    1. La Casita in Bell isn't too far from you, if you've not been already--many posts if you search. cheers

      1. Bills Original Taco House on Martin Luther King & San Pedro

        La Taquieza on Figuroa across the street from Chanos

        Both 3-5 minutes from Campus

        1. I say the Grand Central Market is a good way to eat cheap. I want to try out Tumbras a Tomas, and there's a stall that had some awesome looking torta bread.

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            Tumbras a Tomas was awesome! Got a taco for $2 and it was HUGE. Enough meat for 3 tacos inside. That was my whole lunch. $2.

          2. GINGERGRASS
            in Silverlake on Glendale blvd/Silverlake blvd, just across the street from Silverlake Wine.
            They have great food, fresh and's like Cal-Vietnam type food...great beers and wine too. Great portions, great quality produce. Great for meat eaters and veggies...great enrgy in the space.
            Prices $4-$18

            VIET NOODLE BAR (or noodle house, not quite sure)
            on Gelndale blvd in Atwater Village.
            Love this new little place...super cheap but super good and super clean. Huge communal table and a wall of books for those who like to eat while they read some yummy aromatic food. prices from $3-$10

            in Littel Tokyo on Central between 1st and 2nd.
            Go for lunch for the specials...same great quality food but at an amazing price.
            Night time, if you don't order sushi (it gets mighty pricey in the evening) order of the amazing fried goodies/apps menu and get some great beer and'll have had a great night out without breaking the bank.