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Aug 9, 2000 09:41 PM

Filipino Food

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I have never had filipino food before, but I would love to try it. I hear that filipino food is unlike other asian food. Has anyone had it before? Are there any filipino restaurants and if so, what do you recommend ordering for a novice?

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  1. Try the Jeepney Grill, 3470 W. 6th St. in Koreatown.

    You might also find the page below useful.



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    1. re: Dave LaDelfa

      Definitely try Jeepney Grill. I'm Filipino, and my husband is Chinese. He refuses to eat at other Filipino restaurants. He thinks Jeepney Grill is the only restaurant that serves food as good as (or better than) my mom makes.

    2. Jeepney Grill is good and I also like Barrio Fiesta in the Vermont area if it's still there. I grew up in the philippines and Barrio Fiesta is pretty close to authentic, however, Jeepney Grill is great too.
      Filipino food is OK, but not fantastic compared to other Asian food. Avoid the dinuguan, which is called Chocolate pork, because it's really pig entrails cooked in cow's blood. The safer bets are adobo, pancit and anything barbecued. Have fun trying!