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Dec 18, 2007 06:33 PM

Good restaurant in Santa Cruz area?

I would like to get some friends a gift certificate to a good restaurant in Santa Cruz area. Anything but Italian is best...Thank you!!

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  1. I've had great dinners at both Soif and Pearl Alley Bistro...Soif does great fish, seafood, esp. scallops...Pearl Alley has a very eclectic menu- again. like their fish and various pastas, also bouillabaise!

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        In the non-Italian category, I would be very happy to get a GC for Soif, Gabriella Cafe, Theo's, or Avanti. The nice thing about Soif is that they can use the GC for either the restaurant or wine store. While Ristorante Avanti has some Italian influences/dishes integrated into their menu, I consider them to be more Cal-Med.

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          We had Thanksgiving dinner (prix fixe, 9 courses!) at Theo's in 2004, so can't speak to its current status. It was excellent then, so maybe others can give more recent review. The best vegetables, fish one even had turkey since they gave you choices for each course...the vegetarians were given special treatment and were in heaven!