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Dec 18, 2007 06:24 PM

Eleven Madison Park revisit - still mediocre

I tried my best to enjoy the meal, but the food just isn't that good.

The lobster lasagna was not special at all. The foie gras was rich, but nothing else. Definitely does not stand up as an interpretation on foie gras.

The suckling pig was better than last time I had it, but it was still on the dry side. It is also rather boring, especially if you have had experience with any ordinary suckling pig at Chinese restaurants - indeed, I could hardly taste the difference.

For some reason, I did not like the duck at all. I found it incredibly ordinary. It tasted like a plate of duck meat (well, two plates, to be exact), but I could not taste the lavender honey or find anything that impress me as a duck dish.

The chocolate with sea salt was fine, but it didn't taste as impressive as the idea.

Overall, less disappointing as my experience last time (perhaps because of lowered expectations), but as a French restaurant the food just isn't comparable to Per Se, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin or even Daniel. In fact, I would put it below Picholine, and maybe at the Fleur de Sel level.

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  1. I like Fleur de Sel better than EMP, actually.

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    1. re: PeteM

      I also agree, although I've only been to EMP once. I intend to return to give it another chance. But my last visit was disappointing.

    2. I like Picholine better, though I do like EMP. I think we are splitting hairs debating the merits of these top restaurants. They are all good, though opinions will differ as to which is best.