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Dec 18, 2007 06:14 PM

culver city-best for casual dinner?

What is the best place for reasonably priced yet delicious food with a nice atmosphere for two couples to go out? Ford's Filling Station always seems to dissapoint. Wilsons is xlnt, but gets pricey and Beacon is just ok--hubbie prefers more comfort foods.

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  1. How about Fraiche? The Los Angeles magazine people certainly liked it -- they called it the best new restaurant in all of LA. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I definitely enjoyed my meal there.

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    1. re: glutton

      Listen to glutton - Fraiche it is!

      1. re: carter

        Love Fraiche but can't always make my reservations one month in advance! Plus--it definitely is not reasonably priced with entrees around $25 and appetizers around $11. With drinks that runs $140 per couple, don't you think? I was hoping to discover some quainter places. Tried Hermitage, but didn't find it to be terrific.

          1. re: holleygolitely

            Certainly don't need to make 1-month advance reservations for Fraiche, I've never had to.

            How about Tender Greens? More casual since you get your own food, but I love the food and the place. And only $10 per entree.

      2. Can comfort be Italian style? Novecento Pasta and Grill.

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        1. re: Local

          Seconded... I've only been there once a few years ago but it was great.

          1. re: nick_r

            still is ! went a few months ago - enjoyed an excellent penne with tomato/light cream vodka sauce and a great linguini with fruitti de mare.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. La Dijonaise

            La Dijonaise Cafe
            8703 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

            1. What about Metro Diner? It's got a nice casual neighborhoodsy ambiance. Try the Serbian specialties.

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              1. re: WBGuy

                thanks--I was told one month for a Saturday night at Fraiche. I will definitely try Novocento.

                1. re: holleygolitely

                  I had eaten at Novecento a lot, they do their fish dishes pretty well, and I really like their minestrone. I find everything else just ho hum. The last time I was there, months ago, I felt embarrassed about introducing some friends to that place because the food was quite sub par.

                  And I'm skeptical about the Fraiche reservation thing, they told you what they told you, but I've had weird experiences with reservations there.

                  1. re: slacker

                    Call directly for reservations, rather than on Open Table until you feel comfortable with their reservations policies. Once they know you, then you can trust the Open Table setup, and can reserve by table number if so desired.
                    But Fraiche just received the LA MAG new restaurant of the year award, and it would seem that its popularity attests to the fact that someone understands the reservations scenario!!!

                    1. re: carter

                      I've done it both ways. Haven't checked latedly, but before, they did not release primetime reservations to Opentable, and you had to call the restaurant to get reservations. Also earlier on, strange lunch reservations.

                      Well I guess LA mag would bring in the masses.

                      btw, wonder where all these Culver City people were lunching before the new crop of restaurants?! It's like everyone came out of the woodwork.

                      1. re: slacker

                        They were having to travel further than they really want to, be it to Weho, Beverly Grove, Santa Monica, WLA, etc., yet many of us come from much further away, like Sherman Oaks in my case, and thus it is more special occasion or meeting of friends mid-way, sort of. Proximity to the 10 freeway does help also, unlike B/H or Weho.