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Dec 18, 2007 06:13 PM

green eggs and ham

i ask my 4 year old what he wants for dinner a few times a week and he always replies, "green eggs and ham." so i asked him if he knew how to make it and his answer requires that i find a green pig and chicken from which i can extract the necessary ingredients.

anyone got ideas that do not include the slaughter of fantasy animals?

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  1. Aw, I love it! When my daughter was that age we were able to get local eggs that had a celadon green shell - I don't know what kind of chickens they were from, but they were a beautiful color and sufficiently green to delight her. Managed to stay away from green ham...
    While he's in the literal phase, get ready for marble cake and sponge cake... doesn't hurt to though a few large marbles in the batter, by the way!

    1. There IS a Dr Suess cookbook that has a recipe for Green Eggs and Ham. I borrowed it from the local library. Check yours, and check It's not a brilliant book, but kids would like it. The recipes, if I remember, are more or less euro, so they may need some adapting, but overall, it looked like a fun book to have.


      PS, here's a link

      PPS, I'd have ordered it from the library, and posted the recipe, but it would take more than a week to get here, through the inter-branch transfers. It might be a fun Christmas present, if you can get it delivered by the big day.

      1. I have the Greens Eggs and Ham Cookbook, purchased from Michael's. It includes the recipe for green eggs and ham. The book would make a good Christmas present for your son.
        The ham recipe [paraphrased] includes 8-10 lb smoked ham; cup apple or mint apple jelly; 3 medium tomatillos, husked and minced; 1 cup cilantro or 1/2 cilantro and 1/2 parsley. Heat ham, let cook. MIx jelly and tomatillos and spread over like glaze. Pat in cilantro/parsley until green.
        Eggs: 4 ripe avacados, juice of 2-3 limes; tsp salt; optional onions and serrano chiies, butter and 12 eggs: Cut avacados in half, scoop out flesh and mash with a fork, adding lime juice and salt. Melt better and fry eggs. Spoon avacados over eggs.
        I'm certain you can scale this.

        1. This was served every St. Patrick's day for breakfast growing up. I'm not sure how elaborate of an idea you or your daughter has but all my mom did was add green food-coloring to scrambled eggs and kept the ham the same. She usually diced it up and added some cheese.

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            That is how I had it at pre-school. Still remember it fondly :).

          2. This sounds like something that Bob Blumer, the Surreal Gourmet (and Glutton for Punishment) has tried out - at end of Season 3.

            His ham is strips of prosciutto,
            His 'eggs' are honeydew melon 'whites', cantaloupe melon ball 'yokes'

            Another site suggests that grape jelly turns eggs whites green.