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Aug 8, 2000 08:36 PM

Caffe Pinguini?

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Anyone ever visit this adorably-logoed restaurant in Playa del Rey? Your thoughts are most welcome...

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  1. I'm interested too.

    I noticed the other day that it was owned by the same owners as Cafe Delfini.

    Cafe Delfini is a cozy Italian place up in Santa Monica. I've been here a couple of times. The pasta is very good (especially the lobster ravioli special) and is served in generous portions. The time before, I had the salmon that was unfortunately quite a bit over cooked.

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      Caffe Pinguini is under the same ownership, and with essentially the same menus, as Cafe Delfini and Il Nido, both in Santa Monica. The food at these restaurants consists of simple, straightforward cooking of the usual Italian standards. The food is generally okay, but nothing interesting or exciting. One of the best items on the menu is a layered salad of sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, anchovies, and julienned basil. Simple but pleasing. The gorgonzola sauce on the pasta is creamy but bland. For such simple fare, I don't understand why the owner doesn't have more moderately priced wines on his wine list.