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Dec 18, 2007 05:51 PM

ISO-gold and green - Scallion Pancakes- Wheaton, Silver Spring, College Park

I searched the board and found that I am not alone. As a former and fairly recently relocated NY'er I miss my scallion pancakes the most. For some reason they simply aren't common on Chinese takeout menus the way they are in NY (and much of Boston for that matter). I see that there are a few places in Rockville that offer them but I looking for something a bit closer to home. I actually spent a decent 30 or so minutes calling local Chinese restaurants in the phone book and asking if they serve scallion pancakes-- no luck. Any suggestions in the above areas?


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  1. You might be interested in the scallion and seafood pancakes you can get at Woomi (Korean) in Wheaton. It's a dinner-sized pancake with a variety of seafood, greens and it's somewhat eggy. We get one to share on almost every visit--very addictive. Not sure if this would fill your craving but it meets the geographical requirement.

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      I like the scallion pancakes at A&J, but that is in Rockville. Have you tried Hollywood East on the Boulevard? They have pretty good everything else.

    2. I have been to Hollywood East many times but they do not have scallion pancakes on the regular menu. Do they have them at Dim Sum on weekends?

      1. I've had them at Kim's Hunan on 29 in Burtonsville, but I guess that's not closer than Rockville. They might only have them on the weekends.

        The ones at A&J are worth the trip, though.